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» Testimonials

We had a great experience!  The sales representatives were very friendly, helpful, and informative.  We were also pleased with the delivery and installation process.  We’re enjoying our purchase.  Scott was pleasant and helpful during our purchase process.  He took the time to answer all of our questions and made sure we had all the accessories we needed.

Stephen & LaVerne H., Lawrenceville, GA

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» To the Trade

We invite qualified design professionals to join the Greater Southern Home Recreation Designer Discount Program. As a member, you will enjoy exclusive trade pricing and service by calling our dedicated To The Trade Associate.

Whether designing a residential game room, staging a model home, or furnishing a clubhouse/recreation center, you will have preferred access to the broad range of products we offer.

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» How to Play

What good are the games if you don’t know how to play?  Click here for rules and instructions on how to enjoy all the fun games and toys we offer.