We are excited to announce that we are now proud sponsors of the Atlanta Decatur Dart Association: The Player’s League (ADDA). As part of our sponsorship, we are offering members of the ADDA a 10 percent discount on darts and dart accessories purchased at Greater Southern. We will also be hosting test plays at bars where dart tournaments are held so that the members of the league can throw the darts to see how they feel in a real tournament environment prior to purchasing them. We think that this is a great opportunity for both of us, because we now get a chance to be even more involved in the dart community, which is great! About the Atlanta Decatur Dart Association The Atlanta Decatur Dart Association is a group of local dart enthusiasts that was founded in 2004, gaining immediate success in the darting community. Since its formation, the league has grown from only six teams into a thriving association with hundreds of members. Within the ADDA there are sub leagues, including the Monday Night League and the Co-ed League. The Monday Night League The Monday Night League plays on Mondays at 8 p.m., and the season lasts 13 weeks, including two weeks of playoffs. The season fee is $25, and there are currently some teams looking for new members! The Monday Night League plays at awesome bars in Atlanta like Augustine’s, Edgewood Corner Tavern, Front Page News, and the Euclid Avenue Yacht Club. The Co-ed League The Co-ed League plays on Thursdays at 8 p.m. The season usually runs about ten to twelve weeks long, but varies depending on how many teams are signed up for that season. Teams are required to have co-ed members, and players pay $25 for the season. If you are interested in joining the Atlanta Decatur Dart Association, check out http://www.addarts.com. At the time of this blog, the league is not accepting new teams because the season has already started, but there are several teams looking for more players. New members pay a one-time fee of $15. Individual season costs are as listed above.

photo credit: © marylooo / photoxpress