Darts Alpharetta

Darts are a great, compact game for all age groups. Greater Southern carries the largest supply of darts in Alpharetta as well as the state of Georgia, so you don’t have to look far to buy darts! Whether you're a professional dart player or just looking for a fun game to play with friends and family, Greater Southern has a great selection. If you live near one of our showrooms in Atlanta or Alpharetta, come try out our darts to see which ones you like best. If you’re farther away from Atlanta or Alpharetta, check out our online store and we will happily ship to your home. Here is a list of the types of dart and dart accessories that we carry in Alpharetta: Steel Tip DartsSteel tip means these darts have a sharp steel point and are heavier than soft tip. They can have up to 5 parts that can be adjusted and replaced as needed. Soft Tip Darts: These darts are lighter and typically used with electronic boards. They are soft tip because they have a flexible plastic tip instead of a heavy steel one. Soft tip darts are perfect for younger age groups! DartboardsBristle boards are generally the highest quality dartboards because they are made of sisal and the holes created by the darts seal once the darts are removed. We also carry electronic dartboards, where the score is automatically recorded when a dart enters one of the thousands of tiny holes. Electronic dartboards are typically used with soft tip darts, which makes this type of board more kid-friendly. Dartboard CabinetsCabinets help keep your darts and dart accessories organized. We carry several different cabinets that are unique, so you get quality and aesthetics when you invest in our cabinets. FlightsFlights are the fin-shaped pieces on the end of the dart. They "fins" provide drag to balance out the dart and prevent wobbling so that it flies through the air smoothly. Typically, heavier darts require flights. We are planning to host dart tournaments in the future so check our site regularly for event times and dates!