Darts Columbus

If you're looking for a fun way to spend time with friends and family, you don't have to look too far. Greater Southern has the greatest supply of darts and dart accessories in Columbus and all of Georgia! Our selection of steel tip and soft tip darts has something for everyone, whether you are a professional or just looking to have some fun with your family and kids. We have 2 showrooms, one in Atlanta and one in Alpharetta, with a variety of darts and dart accessories. You could stop by and even test out the darts in the store! If you live too far away, visit our website for shipping information. Here is a list of the what our darts and dart accessories entail:  Steel Tip Darts are used with bristle dartboards and have a sharp steel point. Soft Tip Darts have a flexible, plastic tip and are usually played with electronic dartboards. Bristle Dartboards are made of sisal. These boards are generally the highest quality boards and will last the longest because the dart holes close after the dart is removed. Electronic Dartboards are "electronic" because the score is automatically recorded when a dart enters a hole. Electronic boards are ideal for children. Cabinets store your darts and dart accessories to keep everything organized. We have a variety of styles and colors. Flights are the fin-shaped pieces on the rear of the dart that provide drag to balance out the dart and prevent wobbling when thrown. Be on the lookout for our dart tournaments that will be hosted at one of our showrooms!