Darts Savannah

One of the reasons why we at Greater Southern love darts so much is because they're easy to set up, fun to play, and great for any age group. We are the largest carrier of darts and dart accessories in Savannah and in the state of Georgia, which means you don't have to look too far for darts. Our selection is great for dart enthusiasts and even children. If you are located near one of our showrooms, come check out our selection, otherwise visit our website for shipping and handling.  Steel Tip DartsThese darts are used with bristle boards and have a sharp steel point. They can have up to five parts that can be adjusted and replaced to fit the needs of the player. Soft Tip Darts: These lighter darts are typically used with electronic boards and have a flexible plastic tip instead of a heavy steel one. These darts are more age-appropriate for children. DartboardsBristle boards made of sisal are quality boards that will last the longest of all dartboards, specifically because the holes that are made by the darts seal once the darts are removed. Electronic boards have a scoreboard that gets automatically recorded when a dart enters a hole. Electronic boards are more age-appropriate for children. Dartboard CabinetsCabinets are for storing darts and dart accessories. We carry a variety of cabinets. FlightsThese are the fin-shaped pieces on the end of the dart that help balance out the dart when it's thrown. We will be hosting dart tournaments in the future, so make sure you check our site for dates!