the best home theater seating in atlanta Movies on demand, DVRs, smart TVs and even digital downloads have made watching movies at home easier than ever before. Technology has made high-quality home viewing accessible, and Palliser home theater seating brings the comforts and conveniences of the movie theater into your home with plenty of options, add-ons and accessories to suit your specific style. We carry a variety of home theater seating styles, from individual seats to recliners and even sofa sectionals that are perfect for a family room. There are hundreds of fabric and leather choices for upholstery, tons of built-in perks and plenty of accessories and add-ons that you won’t find in your neighborhood movie theater! You can truly customize your home theater viewing experience, right down to the feet on the seats. Palliser home theater seating is designed for both comfort and functionality. Smaller home theaters can still have luxurious and comfortable seating thanks to Palliser’s innovative, space-saving “wallhugger” design. Seats include adjustable headrests, in-arm storage and even sliding armrests to cover up cup holders for a cleaner every-day appearance. There are tech and gadget options galore with home theater seating. LED foot and cup holder lighting ensures you never trip or delay a movie to clean up a spilled snack. Tray and side tables hold snacks, computers or cell phones so you can relax in comfort regardless of what you’re watching. Powered seats (those with lights or other tech features) have built-in battery packs so you won’t ever trip over power cords, and your seats won’t need to be placed near a wall outlet. Palliser home theater seating also has a revolutionary “Buttkicker” built-in sound system. This factory-installed feature that allows you to feel low frequency sounds, like explosions or drumbeats, adding a new level of enjoyment to your movie-watching experience. Are you ready to sit in comfortable, high-tech style that’s unique to your home? Browse our selection of home theater seating online, and visit our showrooms in Atlanta and Alpharetta to see these seats in action today. We also offer in-home consultations to help you build the best home theater.