Gathering around the pool table is a favorite activity for many families, but little kids are often left to simply watch. I have fond memories of rolling billiard balls around the pool table with cousins at family parties because none of us were big enough (or knew how) to use a pool cue. While those moments made for fond memories, someone also always ended up in tears because those flying balls inevitably pinched fingers. Letting kids participate in your next pool party is easier than ever with the junior cue from Brunswick Billiards. Made specifically for children, the cue is shorter in length for comfortable holding and handling. It has a cue ball attached to the end to help kids easily make contact and hit the billiard balls. Once your kids have cue in hand, follow this quick tips to get your game started. 1. Give them a stable surface to stand on. Choose an elevated surface that is stable (no swiveling bar stools!), high enough for them to access the felt top of your table, and wide enough for your children to stand comfortably and have a stance wide enough to handle their new cue and hit the ball. 2. Let their new cue stick be the cue ball. To introduce your children to the game, simply let them hit billiard balls with the attached cue ball. Introduce the real cue ball once they’re comfortable handling a cue stick. 3. Give them shooting practice. While learning the rules of the game are important, give your kids a chance to practice sinking a billiard ball in each pocket. You can break the rack or simply scatter balls across the table and line them up with the pockets. Show your children different ways to hold the cue and hit the ball into the right pocket. 4. Make it fun. Hand out prizes or make up new scoring rules that are easy for your children to understand. Adapt the game to meet their needs and involve them in constructing new rules so they’re part of the entire process. We can’t wait to meet you and your children in our showrooms to pick out a kid’s cue. Our staff is happy to show your kids how to hold and use their new pool cue on any of our pool tables.