Maintaining and caring for your pool table is essential if you want it to remain in good condition. If properly cared for, your great-grandchildren will be able to enjoy billiards on the same table you did! Maintenance tips for your game room furniture Most of the steps in pool table maintenance are simple and don’t need to be done regularly for the table to remain in great shape. For the wood areas on the table, treat them like you would any other wood furniture. Dust when necessary and use wood polish if it looks really dirty and needs some extra scrubbing. For the table’s side pockets, you can use leather conditioner ONLY on the outside if it’s needed. You shouldn’t need to do this very often, unless the condition of the room it is being used in is not ideal (if it’s outside, if the room is unfinished, etc.). Do not apply any to the inside of the pockets; this can affect the pool balls when they are at play. Game room furniture maintenanceWhen you purchase a pool table, it should come with a brush that is used for treating the table’s felt. It is very important that you brush the felt to ensure that all dust and stray fibers are removed from the table, this process is called “training”. This is one of the only steps in pool table maintenance that needs to be done regularly for optimum playing results. Training ensures that the felt is setting correctly and that the balls have a smooth surface to roll over. In the video below, Chris demonstrates how to train the felt surface of a pool table: One of the biggest mistakes you can make with a pool table is lifting it or moving it on your own. Underneath the felt there is a slab of slate that keeps the pool table together. If the table is moved improperly, this slate can crack into several pieces and will need to be replaced. It is best to hire a professional mover for jobs like this to ensure that your pool table remains in the best possible shape. It is very important for you to treat your pool table like it’s a pool table. Try not to sit on the table’s edges or put any food or drinks on it. Even if the felt is stain resistant, spills can still cause damage.

Pets are the pool table’s worst enemy, especially playful cats. If you don’t want to replace the felt, try to keep all pets off the table as much as possible. The table’s legs and pockets are also at risk if your furry friend decides they make a good scratching post or isn’t yet housetrained. It is in your best interest — and your table’s! — to keep all pets away from your table if they are not fully trained. Greater Southern pool table maintenance Maintaining and caring for your pool table is important if you want it to last. These simple tips don’t need to be done often to be effective. Come into Greater Southern or contact us if you have any additional questions about pool table maintenance!