Every once and a while, some freak accident occurs and people are thrown into intense life-or-death situations. In one particular case, a group of brave men survived serious weather conditions and a roof collapse. These men were in a former pool hall in Morgan County Kentucky when a tornado struck on March 2nd and the men were forced to turn to creative, life-saving ideas. The tornado ripped through the town, leaving little behind. Rescue squads were sent to help clean up and to search for survivors. At first, they saw little chance that anyone could have survived the room collapse, but as it turns out they were wrong. Donnie McKenzie, who ran the local pool hall along with five others that were in the building when the tornado hit, survived the near fatal collapse. McKenzie, a local high school football coach legend was spared when a friend pulled him under a pool table moments before the walls collapsed. The pool table was able to absorb some of the fall, leaving the members inside alive and ready to see another day. What was once a pool hall is now a flattened slab of concrete. The people inside were smart enough to dive under the table for safety and were lucky the tables provided enough cushion to spare them their lives.