Revolution Pool Table


The cleanly designed Revolution pool table from Canada Billiard is will amaze anyone with it’s unique design and construction.

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Product Description

New lines, new forms, a new direction, a … Revolution!  Not just a contemporary style billiard table, but an extremely well-built one using only the finest materials.
 • Offered in sizes :  7’, 8’ or 9’.
 • Available in walnut and birch wood

1- Base frame : 

The base frame is constructed of 1 ¾” thick, solid walnut or white birch.

2- Beams :

Two full length steel beams ensure the optimum playing surface and rigid construction.

3- Slate :
Three piece 1 ” thick premium slate from the best quarries. The framed slate extends underneath the rails to provide consistent play. Slate is precision-machined and leveled to within 10/1000 of an inch.

4- Cloth : 
High quality wool and nylon blend.

5- Rails :

Solid walnut or white birch rails are widely supported and bolted through the slate with threaded rods, mushroom lock washers and nuts. Wide adjustable flat nut plates allow rails to be precisely positioned and pulled down permanently to the slate, so as to provide a truer rebound. 

6- Cushions :

Professional “Master Speed®” rubber cushions provide true rebound and maximum accuracy.

7- legs :

Aluminum tube coated with superior quality“Tiger Drylac BRILLIANT SPARKLE SILVER # 038/90080 ” powder paint.

8- Pockets :

Molded web pockets. The openings meet BCA standards.

9- Exclusive legs levellers :

Steel and non-slip rubber, screw into the feet to maintain the optimal level.

10-Wood Finish :

Unlimited choice of stains are available.

11- Optional drawer:

Available for 7′, 8′ & 9′

Additional Information

Weight 1400 lbs

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