Rhino Standard Pool Table


A rock-solid clean design pool table.

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Product Description

The Rhino pool table from Canada Billiard a super solid frame built of an exclusive material, the 1 9/16″ thick, “Sandwich Board” with melamine L532 West Latitude .  The rails are a laminate covered hardwood and are widely supported by and bolted through the slate with threaded rods, mushroom lock washers and nuts. Wide adjustable flat nut plates allow rails to be precisely positioned and pulled down permanently to the slate, so as to provide a truer rebound.  The table is equipped with professional “Masterspeed” rubber cushions provide true rebound and maximum accuracy, and molded web pockets.  Available in 8′ size only and in finish shown only. 0003689 L-532 West Latitude

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Weight 1400 lbs


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