I was recently at a party where all of the adults brought their kids, which really meant that it was more of a kids’ party than our party like we had planned. I’d like to share an anecdote involving a bunch of over caffeinated kids, a dartboard, and preoccupied parents. Nobody wants to admit that they can be preoccupied when it comes to their kids, but it happens. And this is where the beauty of electronic dartboards come in. Sometime in the middle of the party, everyone realized at the same time that the host’s kids and several other kids had found the dartboard. Since their parents didn’t seem concerned, no one said anything, but we all kept an eye on them. There was one boy who was particularly skilled at the game; he was getting bull’s-eyes at least every few throws. The hosts son, let’s call him Will, who was less skilled, had gone to pick up his darts off the floor in front of the dartboard, and stood up just as the other boy threw another winning throw, which whizzed right by Will’s head. Everyone in the room jumped at once and started scolding them. The boys returned the scolding with the confused and annoyed looks of kids who think their parents worry too much, and were especially frustrated that when we decided that if they were going to keep playing, we would hover over them and make sure they stood in a line for the board. They eventually got so fed up with us that they handed the game over to us, at which point everyone realized that the dartboard was electronic and the darts were plastic soft tips that wouldn’t have done too much damage; yes, they could have hurt someone, but this maybe wasn’t worth quite as much grief as we gave them. Our kids had once again made us feel foolish, but at least no one got hit with a dart. Check out our electronic dartboards and soft tips darts.