For a discerning home recreation lover like yourself, investing in a top-quality pool table is only the beginning. You deserve to upgrade your experience with today’s best luxury pool cues. A pool cue is your hands-on connection between your brain and the game. The right cue stick helps you make the most of your table. Is the most expensive pool cue the best choice? With a range of top-level cues available, there’s something for everyone. Greater Southern Home Recreation is here to explain all your options. Explore the world of high-end pool cues and get ready to take your performance to the next level.

What To Look For In A Luxury Pool Cue

Whether you’re a lifelong player or have just begun your journey into the game of pool, you probably realize that you need a proper cue. Selecting the right stick is a personal decision. Just like a baseball player’s bat or a runner’s shoes, your ideal billiard fits your specific playing style. Your perfect cue should maximize your strengths, minimize any weaknesses, and feel good in your hands.

Every Greater Southern cue is properly weighted, balanced, and crafted from performance materials. Our cue sticks can improve your game. Learn about our best high-end pool cues to see how they’ll help you excel.

Lucasi Hybrid LHF10 Pool Cue

You can’t go wrong with the Lucasi Hybrid LHF10 Pool Cue. Crafted by one of the best-respected names in the pool industry, this cue offers a stellar blend of performance and aesthetics. Lucasi’s proprietary Uni-loc Joint technology uses a hybrid 3mm silver ring collar for a dependable quick release every time. The hybrid shaft features exotic Cocobolo wood on the forearm, butt, and butt cap. Its 10-piece radial TSC construction and Zero Flex Point deliver low deflection. Enjoy optimal control and consistency in every shot thanks to the Kamui Pro soft tip. 

Even better, you can rely on Lucasi to stand behind their products. A lifetime warranty backs the Lucasi Hybrid LHF10 cue. You can enjoy these cues for decades, then pass them on to the next generation of pool lovers in your life.

The Lucasi Hybrid LHF10 luxury pool cue is available in 18-ounce, 19-ounce, 20-ounce, and 21-ounce weights. This cue starts at $751.99.

Lucasi Custom LZC39 Pool Cue

Another high-quality pool accessory from Lucasi, the Custom LZC39 Pool Cue, is a worthy investment for any home. Lucasi’s Uni-loc joint attaches the shaft to the butt with 360 degrees of constant pressure, providing reliable, quick release when you need it most. The shaft features a Zero Flex Point solid core for low deflection, plus a professional tapered shape for top-level performance. The Custom LZC39 certainly looks high-end thanks to six-point Cocobolo and Bocote inlays against a jet-black forearm and butt. You’ll always enjoy stable maneuvering thanks to the slip-free stacked leather wrap. 

The Lucasi Custom LZC39 Pool Cue is protected by the brand’s lifetime warranty. You can find these cues in 18-ounce, 19-ounce, 20-ounce, and 21-ounce weights starting at $730.99.

PureX HXT32 Pool Cue

The PureX HXT32 Pool Cue offers a phenomenal blend of professional-grade performance features and beautiful craftsmanship. Everyone in your audience will appreciate the cue’s vibrant teal-stained Birds Eye Maple, dramatic black points, and luxe black lizard-embossed leather wrap grip. However, cutting-edge upgrades mean there’s more to this cue than meets the eye. The HXT low deflection shaft reduces deflection on every hit, plus the Kamui black soft tip provides top-level grip, durability, and spin. The lightweight polymer core and a low-deflection ferrule provide easy shot control.

An HXT32 Pool Cue is a smart addition to your pool gear, thanks to PureX’s lifetime warranty. These cues are available in 18-ounce, 19-ounce, 20-ounce, and 21-ounce weights with prices beginning at $349.99

Lucasi Hybrid LHT76 Pool Cue

The Lucasi Hybrid LHT76 Pool Cue is another stunning option. As one of Greater Southern’s most high-end pool cues, this hybrid model delivers top-notch performance whenever and wherever you play. Lucasi’s trademark Uni-loc Joint keeps the shaft and butt securely attached for an accurate, quick release every time. Its four-piece butt construction remains durable for dependably solid hits at every game. The slimline shaft aims true thanks to its light front end and delicate taper. A metallic platinum finish with stainless steel accents looks sharp without adding unnecessary bulk or weight. 

You’ll enjoy Lucasi’s lifetime warranty on the Lucasi Hybrid LHT76 Pool Cue, which is offered in 18-ounce, 19-ounce, 20-ounce, and 21-ounce weights. Prices typically start at $689.99

Lucasi Hybrid LHC13 Pool Cue

The Lucasi Hybrid LHC13 Pool Cue is another luxury pool cue worth your consideration. This hybrid model features an upgraded Zero Flex Slim shaft for low deflection, plus 10-piece radial TSC construction to transfer your shot energy throughout the piece. The Kamui soft tip enhances your control and consistency. Lucasi’s cutting-edge Uni-Loc joint technology ensures that the butt and shaft are always in 360-degree contact for the fastest possible release. The back-loaded G5 grip delivers X-Shox dampening technology. This cue also looks sharp thanks to its matte pearl-white handle, stainless steel butt cap, and metallic silver design features.

The Lucasi Hybrid LHC13 Pool Cue is covered by Lucasi’s lifetime warranty, so you can count on this cue for decades to come. Eighteen-ounce, 19-ounce, 20-ounce, and 21-ounce weights are available starting at $616.99.

Explore The Best Pool Cues With Greater Southern Home Recreation

Pool cues are a vital consideration for any pool lover. High-end pool cues aren’t an indulgence: they’re a valuable investment in your growth as a player. The most high-end pool cue may deliver the exact features you need to take your game to the next level. That’s why Greater Southern Home Recreation offers luxury pool cues with a range of technologies, designs, and features. Contact us and let us help you explore all our pool cues and help you choose which one is best for you.