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The Best Shuffleboard Tables This Year!

It’s a new year! No matter what last year had in store for you, with the new year comes the opportunity to reinvent yourself, set new goals, and purchase a new shuffleboard table for your home. There is nothing more exciting and fun for the entire family than a shuffleboard…

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Pool Table Buyer’s Guide: A Must Read Before You Buy

It can be difficult to know where to begin if you’re looking to purchase a pool table. There are many types of pool tables out there that are made from different materials, run different lengths, or have different features or design components. Even if you have an idea of what…

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2022 Mancave Christmas Gift Guide

Everyone - man or woman - deserves a little place that’s all their own. That’s the beauty of having a special place place away from the burdens of work and life that lets us just chill out and decompress. This Christmas, why not help your loved one relax with a…

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Comparing Polywood® to Breezesta Poly Furniture

It seems like everyone is buying outdoor furniture made from polyethylene plastic. And for good reason! Polyethylene plastic is a material that can withstand the elements, so it's perfect for outdoor furniture. It's incredibly low-maintenance, ideal for busy people who don't have much time to spend on upkeep. Two popular…

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How to Host an Epic Outdoor Game-Day Party

We’ve been waiting for it all year… there’s a slight chill in the air and a crunch in your step. Yes, fall football season is finally here! Fans of every shape, size, and color will gather around glowing screens to cheer their teams to victory every weekend. Drinks are shared,…

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Must-Buy Man Cave Gift Ideas: Man Cave Chair, Accessories & More

So your husband, father, brother, or friend has a man cave. It’s the place he goes to be himself, to escape and relax. Maybe you think the décor is a little dated; perhaps you love it. Either way, it’s perfect for him, and it’s not going anywhere. Neither is he.…

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How Do You Style an Outdoor Patio?

When the warm sun and cool breezes of the summer months are upon us, many of us spend more time outdoors, which means the patio season is in full swing. Outdoor patios are a great place to enjoy spending your time, whether you are throwing a backyard party, socializing with…

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20 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas to Elevate Cooking and Entertaining Outdoors

Nothing is better than being able to host and entertain friends and family outdoors. From outdoor furniture to a portable outdoor kitchen, Greater Southern has the perfect solution to all of your outdoor needs. Keep reading to find out our top 20 ideas for elevating your outdoor cooking and entertaining…

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What is the Best Size Pool Table For You?

Now that it’s July and the heat is on, who’s ready for a nice, cool addition to your game room? Pool tables are popular in many homes for casual and competitive players alike. The game of pool can be enjoyed by people of various skill levels and is great for…

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What are the Best Pool Tables For a Home Gameroom?

You’ve likely been dreaming for a long time about the hours of fun your family and friends could have if you had your own billiards table right in your own home! After all, a pool table takes home entertainment to the next level, getting everyone involved with the classic game…

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What’s the Difference Between Slate and Non-Slate Pool Tables?

Whether you’re an experienced pool player or new to the sport, it’s complicated to understand the difference between slate and non-slate pool tables. Since deciding which pool table to purchase is complex, Greater Southern wants to help make things easier for you. Let’s go over the facts so that you…

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What is the Best High-End Pool Table Brand?

  We all remember “The Hustler,” the movie that featured newbie hustler Paul Newman learning the ropes of the hustle from the elder Jackie Gleason's Minnesota Fats. Later Newman served as Tom Cruise's Vincent's mentor. These movies opened up the game to many people, and billiards quickly became a favorite…

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