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runswick Billiards

Brunswick Billiards

Brunswick has been crafting quality billiard tables for over 150 years. Every Brunswick table is backed by a lifetime warranty, and the brand has the best resale value in the industry. Because Brunswick has its roots in fine woodworking, the tables are of the highest quality and craftsmanship, and have a certified slate that must pass rigid quality tests. Brunswick offers both high-quality, professional-grade tables, and high-quality recreational tables.

runswick Billiards

Legacy Billiards

Legacy Billiards is one of the fastest-growing names in the game room furniture industry. A combination of high-quality, large selection, unique styling, and incredible value make Legacy Billiards a top choice with all consumers. All Legacy Billiards products are built to last a lifetime. Their pool tables feature the patented Perfect Corner system which allows for easier setup and consistent play.

runswick Billiards

The Drawknife

The Drawknife is a small, award-winning, environmentally aware company that manufactures quality billiard tables with a rustic, western feel. The manufacturers offer a variety of game tables, dartboard cabinets, and furniture for a rustic themed family game room. The Drawknife is an environmentally responsible company in that its builders do not cut down living trees to craft their tables; they use seasoned, dead-standing or fallen pines from Teton forests in Idaho. Back to Top

runswick Billiards

Palliser Furniture

Palliser has been crafting high-quality furniture in the USA for over 60 years. Quality materials, craftsmanship, and product safety reflect the high standards that every piece of Palliser Furniture is held to. Palliser has a tradition of excellence, maintained by the company’s skilled manufacturers and creative designers, who produce a variety of quality upholstered furniture.

runswick Billiards

California House

California House is a family owned and operated business that has been offering high-quality, custom-tailored furniture for 60 years. Each California House piece is built to the customer’s specifications, so the piece will perfectly suit the room that it is made for. California House furniture is built using fine hardwoods like oak, maple, cherry, walnut and mahogany, and home theatre cabinetry is built with the protection of expensive electronics in mind.

runswick Billiards

Mikhail Darafeev

Mikhail Darafeev has created custom-made furniture for over 50 years. Each piece of quality furniture is built using a combination of old world craftsmanship and state-of-the-art engineering. All Mikhail Darafeev products are American made, with unbeatable quality and custom-order options. This is an environmentally responsible company that strives to manufacture its products responsibly through recycling programs, eliminating waste of materials and energy, and through the use of an environmental catalytic recuperative oxidizer system that removes harmful VOCs from the company’s emissions.

runswick Billiards

Champion Shuffleboard

Champion is America’s #1 shuffleboard manufacturer. Champion has built quality shuffleboard tables since 1988, and offers coin-operated tables, custom designed shuffleboard tables and other games. Champion’s tables can be found worldwide, and their international popularity is growing. Every Champion piece is built in-house to Champion’s high standard of excellence.

runswick Billiards

Tornado Foosball

Tornado Foosball’s popular tables have taken over the industry. Tornado provides quality Foosball tables for both serious and recreational players. Tornado coin, pro-grade, and home model products have a one year warranty.

runswick Billiards

Toltec Lighting

Toltec Lighting is a family owned and operated company that has been dedicated to creating quality, affordable lighting since the 1970s. Toltec is famous for quality and value, and has taken the lead in the industry when it comes to design. Toltec creates pieces that are loyal to tradition while having innovative design features, and uses fine finishes and high quality glass.

runswick Billiards


Z-Lite has created quality interior and exterior residential lighting since 1987. The Z-Lite collection includes chandeliers, billiard lighting, aluminum outdoor lighting, and tiffany families in a wide range of contemporary and traditional styles. Z-Lite crafts these products with exceptional quality, using superior fittings and materials that will last.

runswick Billiards

Stern Pinball

Stern Pinball offers arcade-quality pinball games, and is the only manufacturer of arcade-quality pinball games in the world. The company was founded by Gary Stern, who comes from a pinball family, in the 1980s as Data East Pinball. The company has produced popular games like Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones, and Batman, and creates games that are enjoyed worldwide by enthusiasts and casual players alike.

runswick Billiards

McDermott Cues

McDermott Handcrafted Cues has continuously raised the industry standard for pool cues since the 1970s. McDermott uses state-of-the-art technology and the highest quality materials available, and has grown to be the industry leader in performance, quality, and service. McDermott pool cue shafts are made from the finest, kiln-dried North American hard rock maple and turned 11 times; the forearms, handles, and sleeves are crafted from fine, exotic woods around the world.

runswick Billiards

Pastel Furniture

Pastel Furniture is the best source for classic, modern, and versatile pieces. Pastel offers a distinctive collection of barstools and dining sets, from the simple to eclectic, with custom options, including over 100 available fabrics and finishes. Pastel Furniture manufacturers use powder coat finishes, heavy gauge steel, wood seat frames and T-nut construction to create high-quality pieces.

runswick Billiards

Dart World

Dart World offers Budweiser and Harley-Davidson licensed products, and is the only American distributor of Harrows Darts of England, with which the company has enjoyed a 35 year business relationship. Since its founding, Dart World has set the standard for quality dart product and customer service.

runswick Billiards

Simonis Cloth

Simonis cloth is not only considered the best overall value in billiard cloth, but is also considered to have the most accurate play and durability. The company is still under the direction of the Simonis family, and has spent generations creating premium quality wool cloth for carom, billiards and snooker.

runswick Billiards


For over 40 years, Cornilleau has crafted high-quality ping pong tables in France using state-of-the-art production methods, quality materials, and a quality control process that allows them to produce the best tables on the market. These tables are made using anti-corrosion materials like galvanized steel to give them a long life, and are backed by 10- and 3-year warranties, depending on the table.

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Venture Games

Venture Games is an American Made, second generation, family owned company with it’s roots dating back to 1928.

In 1997, Russell McKay purchased the assets of a established shuffleboardcompany and

fervently began to rebuild the once great game of shuffleboard in the US. With operations in Hillside, NJ; Venture began with the clear and unwavering aim of creating a superior shuffleboard table and accessories. Russell was determined to manufacture the highest quality American made shuffleboard table, created from the hands of skilled craftsman. He not only succeeded, but flourished.

Today, Venture Games continues to be the industry leader in creating the highest quality, American made game tables. Venture has expanded it’s table line to include ping-pong and foosball tables. In a country that relies more and more on foreign labor to increase profits and cut costs, Venture was, is and always will be American owned and operated. . As an American company, we see it as our responsibility to demonstrate exactly what that means, with unmatched quality and expertise. We are confident that you will recognize every inch of sound and reliable American craftsmanship. Our goal is to continue to push the industry forward with innovative designs and a business model focused on people ahead of profits.

The continued success and reputation of Venture Games could only be attained through the hard and richly woven combination of family work ethic and domestic manufacturing. . Our belief is that people who work with what they love are more likely to do right by the job and their customer. Venture Games will continue to work with the best sourced materials, the most dedicated employees, craftsman and the utmost care to bring you the highest quality, American Made game table in the industry.

runswick Billiards

Plank & Hide

LOVE WHAT YOU DO. Plank & Hide Co. thrives on designing and manufacturing authentic and beautiful gameroom products. Then, they manage and support that goal every step of the way.

AUTHENTIC DESIGN. Functional gameroom products must be fashionable, well-built and easy to maintain, while both elegant and entertaining. Timeless and inspired designs for all design preferences.

UNIQUE MATERIALS. Plank & Hide Co. searches the globe to bring only the best materials and artisan craftsmanship to market. Products that excite.