Greater Southern is pleased to offer basic in-house cue tip repair service for most any make and model cue. We charge $15.00 for basic tip replacement and repair. Ferrell is replacement is available for an additional charge. We use Le Pro tips for our tips repairs, unless otherwise specified. Other tips might incur additional charges. Please contact our Alpharetta store at 678-240-0007 for more information.

A quick reference guide on tips . . . Elk Master-A softer chromed, tanned leather tip. Good for house cues.

Le Professionel– “Le Pro” tips are the finest oak-tanned leather tips available. Medium-hard. Most popular.

Triangle-Made from prime chrome-tanned leather hides specially treated. Have a very-slight bluish cast and are a hard tip. Mushroom-resistant. Gets great english. Triumph-Has a red-fiber backing. Very firm tip- medium hard. Made from oak-tanned leather.

Tiger-Comes in soft,medium and hard according to color. Soft Tiger tips are made from white leather and are one of the few softer tips known for not “mushrooming”. Both the medium and hard Tiger tips are dark brown in color and are made with 2 different types of treated pigskin leather. Laminated in 11 layers.

Michael J Laminated-A very hard layered pigskin tip. Laminated with 11 layers.

Water Buffalo Tips-Extra hard oak-tanned leather.

Chandivert-Has 3 different types-Crown-medium,Champ-Red Fibre-backed Medium and Rocky-Hard

Moori-Has 3 different grades: hard, medium & soft. One of the finest tips available today-Highly recommended. (from Michael J’s Cues & Billiards)