Too often pool tables end up as storage for Christmas decorations, old clothes, and all the other miscellaneous junk we collect over time. These are big investments that are often handed down to generations of family, but it’s too common to forget just how fun and versatile your pool table can be! Let us give you a few suggestions on the ways and reasons to take full advantage of your pool table.

Family Time

Get your family off the couch and away from the television or other screens. A game of pool is the perfect bonding activity for families of any size, with children of almost any age. Playing pool can help children develop hand-eye coordination, and nurtures a friendly sense of competition. Siblings can bond while developing valuable teamwork skills. Take some time to engage your whole family at once, encouraging conversation and communication, and creating exciting memories the whole family will cherish.  

Indoor Fun

During the winter, it’s often too cold or dreary to get outside and have fun. A pool table is a great recreational activity that still allows you to get up and on your feet and enjoy a sport-like competition with friends or family alike.  

Party Time

No matter what the occasion, a pool table can bring any party to life. When gathering new groups, a pool table can be the perfect ice breaker, serving as a conversation starter and quickly getting your guests interacting and having fun.  

Work Break

It’s long been proven that individuals are more productive and creative when they take work breaks. A game of pool is a great way to encourage friendly competition and team building while getting the creative juices flowin’.  

Conversion Tops

Did you know that your pool table can easily be converted for different uses? Conversion tops are specially designed to lay on top of your pool table without damaging it in any way. You can get a Ping-Pong conversion top to get double the fun in the same amount of space. Purchasing a conversion top saves you money as well as valuable floor space compared to buying a separate table game. Conversion tops are available for almost every pool table model, and are a great option to take full advantage of your pool table.  

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