We’ve been waiting for it all year… there’s a slight chill in the air and a crunch in your step. Yes, fall football season is finally here! Fans of every shape, size, and color will gather around glowing screens to cheer their teams to victory every weekend. Drinks are shared, stats are claimed, stories are told, laughs are had (many times at the ref’s expense,) diets are forgotten and memories are made. Grills are fired up and transformed into meal-making miracles. Fall football weekends are about as American as it gets!

Instead of waiting on an invitation to the party up the street, why not host your own Game-Day Bash? It requires some planning, but we’ve done the hard part for you. We’ve included must-dos to include in your game-day setup to ensure you don’t miss anything when your guests arrive for the best game-day party in Georgia.

Let’s get on the offensive and start your game plan!

Design Around TV Location

Your tv location will become the focal point of the party. Don’t just lug it out and set it on any old table. You need to ensure it’s not in front of a door so guests can go in and out of the home to use the facilities. A newer home will likely be ready for outdoor tv viewing with outdoor speakers and tv screens. If you have an older home, you have a few options to display your screen for the day.

You could purchase an outdoor tv, but those are pretty pricy for a one-day event. It may make sense if you plan to watch a football season outside. If not, consider moving your flatscreen outside for the day. Take into account a protective setting to escape the sun’s rays as well as inhospitable weather.

Another option is to rent a projection tv for the day. You won’t be the only one with this idea, so be sure to put a deposit down early to save your reservation. You’ll want to have it in a place without glare, as dark as possible, to enhance the quality.

Place outdoor speakers around the sitting area so everyone can hear the game over the yelling and screaming.

Correct Furniture Arrangement Is Key

If you already have a rockin’ outdoor furniture set, you just need to arrange it for optimal viewing and conversations. If not, you’ll want to make sure you have comfortable furniture that can be arranged in different groupings.

An outdoor sofa in front of the big screen is a great way to provide a barrier between seating and the screen, and it also provides room for plenty to be in the front row. Greater Southern’s Nevis Sofa, Zoey Sofa, or Tommy Bahama Cypress Point Sofa are all great choices you’ll be happy with well past game day. And our Tommy Bahama Cypress Point Cocktail or End Tables can stylishly be placed in front of the sofa for food and drink surfaces.

You want everyone to feel comfortable during a 4-hour game, and this includes grandparents and other elderly guests. Our deep-seating Montana Swing or Swivel Chairs come in a variety of cushion colors that offer stylish comfort. The Nevis Lounge and Nevis Motion Lounge Chairs offer comfort in deep-seated cushions.

Don’t forget a place for the kids to watch and eat. Most are okay with a throw rug and a pile of pillows, and you’ll be fine with the easy clean-up.

You’ll want to set up a few patio tables and chair sets behind the main sofa. This setup lets people chat during slow times and gives everyone a place to set up food and drinks. Our selections include Tommy Bahama Dining and Cocktail Tables, custom chairs, and even dining benches. Available in a dizzying selection of colors and materials, you’re sure to find the perfect combination.

Dedicated Food And Grilling Station

Second, only the game-watching itself will be your game-day spread. Grills like the Big Green Egg are king and can grill enough for a large crowd. Be sure to locate the grilling station away from the main traffic areas to give the chef room to maneuver and prevent accidents.

We have sizes from the Mini Big Green Egg all the way up to the Macdaddy 2XL Big Green Egg. Watch your guests’ eyes light up, and smiles widen as they walk past your cooking centerpiece. We also have carts, tables, and accessories to enhance your Big Green Egg experience.

Be sure to strategically place a few trash bins or large cardboard boxes lined with garbage bags. Guests are more likely to tidy up if they can easily spot the trash.

Provide An Outdoor Heat Source

Georgia weather can be unpredictable in October and November so for an early evening game, a heat source is a great idea and adds some coziness to the area. Add heat and light with one of our sleek fire pits. We have round or rectangular selections ready for same-day use. You’ll add function and style to your gathering.

Consider Catering or Potluck Side Items

If you want to enjoy your game day yourself, don’t plan to do everything yourself. Manning the grill is not an all-day event but preparing all the sides sure can be. Avoid some hassles, and either have guests bring sides or have them catered in. Serve on boards or planks outside. Some people have set up a buffet line down a surfboard or inside a canoe. Your imagination is the limit!

Entertain Kids Of All Ages

If your guests include kids, some kids will watch parts of the game, but others may show up pre-bored. Be ready with activities that will keep distractions to a minimum. No kids will be able to walk past our super-cool Super Chexx Pro Bubble Hockey game. It’s the arcade-quality version of the legendary, original bubble hockey.

Bocce Ball is a very easy-to-learn game that can be set up in the yard. Everyone will enjoy the fun of watching two teams trying to knock each other’s balls out of play.

Our Teetering Tower game is an outdoor version of Jenga. All ages will enjoy trying to remove pieces without causing the whole work to tumble.

Almost anyone will be able to play the RealTree Cornhole game. Divide into teams and toss your beanbag into the opposing hole to score.

Make Your Patio And Backyard Game Day Central

We hope we’ve covered tips and ideas to help make your super party sensational. You’ve got time, now you’ve got a plan, and you have Greater Southern Home Recreation to help set the tone for your big day. The furniture and games for your party will add grace and decor to your outdoor areas for years to come.

We offer top-quality, uniquely designed products made with durable materials to withstand outdoor environments. Expand your living space into the outdoors to get the most value from your home. And once the party is cleaned up, you’ll have a new place to lounge, rest, or party with your people!