What is Bocce Ball?

Bocce ball is a popular European game that was developed in its current form in Italy, where “bocce” means “bowls.” Other forms of the game are played throughout Europe, especially in France, Croatia, and Montenegro, and the game is also played throughout North and South America. Bocce ball is played similarly to how bowling and petanque are played.

How to Play Bocce Ball

Bocce ball can be played between two people or between two teams consisting of two, three, or four players. Traditionally, it is played on either natural soil or asphalt. The area needs to be level and should be 8.2 to 13 feet wide and no more than 90 feet long (the size of bocce “alleys,” as they are referred to, varies). The balls should be made of either metal or plastic, and each team gets four. A bocce ball match begins when a player from the starting team stands behind the foul line and throws the “pallina,” the smaller ball of the set, down the alley. The player then throws one of the larger balls, or “boccia” and tries to get it as close to the pallina as possible without hitting it or touching it. The opposite team members then throw their balls until they reach a spot closer to the pallina. When someone achieves this, the teams then take turns back and forth trying to outdo the others until all the balls have been thrown. At this point, players can calculate the score. The score is calculated by giving one point for each ball from the team that has thrown its balls closest to the pallina. Repeat these steps until one team gets 12 points.

Our Bocce Ball Sets

Bocce ball is a fun outdoor game that is gaining popularity in pubs and restaurants that have other bar games like pool and shuffle board. We are now offering bocce ball game sets so that you can play this game at home. It would be a great activity for your next barbecue. There are several levels of quality when it comes to bocce ball sets. For the casual family players, a mid-priced intermediate level set would be appropriate.