So your husband, father, brother, or friend has a man cave. It’s the place he goes to be himself, to escape and relax. Maybe you think the décor is a little dated; perhaps you love it. Either way, it’s perfect for him, and it’s not going anywhere. Neither is he.

When his birthday, Christmas, Father’s Day, or some other special day is coming up, you might be stuck coming up with good ideas for a gift. But for a guy with a man cave, you don’t have to be. That’s because every man cave can always use something new. From the small like a poker chip set to the big arcade games and pool tables, and for anything in between, there’s virtually no limit to your choices for stocking a man cave.

Let’s look at some of the best must-buy man cave gift ideas.

Man Cave Chairs

Every man cave needs an excellent chair. Or two. Or three.

The great thing about man cave chairs is that there are so many different types for different purposes, so even if that man in your life already has a cozy chair, he can probably use another.

Does he like poker and other card games? Then he’ll need comfortable game chairs for him and his friends as they play and laugh late into the night.

Is there a bar in the man cave? What bar is complete without barstools for sipping a favorite drink or enjoying a good conversation?

A man cave isn’t really a man cave without a movie screen or a large TV. For enjoying movies, sports, and TV show binging, he’ll want comfortable home theater seating where he can lounge in luxury for hours. These plush recliners can sit alone or pair with matching chairs to create rows like in a real movie theater. For something more casual, economic, or versatile, you can consider something like a bean bag chair or lounger for incredible comfort and the ability to go just about anywhere.

Tables and Bars

For those card games, he’ll need a game table. You can choose circular or square options. From there, you can find tables with a look and design of simple, classic elegance, and you can also choose from tables with features such as glass holders, chip and card holders, and more. There are even tables with reversible tops that can adapt to the need at hand.

Pub tables come in handy, too. These smaller, more portable tables are great for sitting beside that spectator chair or barstool while playing pool, providing a place for a glass and a plate of food.

If he’s just getting started on his man cave or hasn’t gotten around to adding a bar yet, that’s a must-have, too. A bar can be an add-on and doesn’t have to be a built-in part of the cave at construction time.

Man Cave Accessories

There’s almost no end to choices for accessories for a man cave, be they decorative, functional, or both. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

  • Pool cues and chalk
  • Playing cards, a poker chip set, and a card shuffler
  • Wall décor such as pub signs
  • Dart flights and shafts
  • Pool table lighting

Classic Games

Card games and the TV aren’t the only sources of entertainment in a man cave. Really, space is the only limit, and depending on the space available, a man cave will benefit from one or more of these perennial favorites:

  • Dartboards and darts. Don’t forget a stylish dartboard cabinet for neat storage and wall protection, especially if there’s a bar!
  • Air hockey– no, they never outgrow this game!
  • Foosball tables
  • Ping pong tables

If he’s already got one or more of these and there isn’t room for another, remember that all of these games require their own accessories, and they make great gift ideas, too.

Arcade Games

Inside every man, there’s still a little boy in love with arcade games. Anyone who grew up in the era of classic arcade games or has ever been to an arcade since knows that as sophisticated as today’s video games have become, there’s nothing like the experience of a real arcade game or, perhaps, the most iconic of all, a pinball machine. He’ll never have to worry about running out of quarters again!

Pool Tables

If you’re willing to go big, you can’t go bigger than a pool table for a man cave. What man hasn’t dreamed of becoming Fast Eddie Felsen in his own basement? And when the pool hall’s in your own home, you don’t have to worry about the locals breaking your thumbs for hustling them!

Outdoor Furniture and Accessories

While a man cave is technically an indoor space, some men have turned outdoor spaces such as patios and decks into outdoor versions of man caves. If the guy you have in mind has done just that, features and accessories for outside entertainment are also great gift ideas. Some of our favorite ideas include the following:

  • Big Green Eggs (and Big Green Egg accessories), pizza ovens, and other cooking and grilling options
  • Fire pits for warmth and ambiance
  • Outdoor games such as shuffleboard, pool, ping pong, and cornhole.
  • Furnishings such as barstools, reclining chairs and loungers, and umbrellas.

Man caves have so many possibilities to them that they’re never completely finished. Even when a man thinks his man cave is complete, there’s always something else that can grab his interest, and items also need to be replaced from time to time when a favorite pool stick gets warped, a chair wears out, bar glasses get dropped, etc.

If you’re looking for a perfect man cave gift, you’ll find no shortage of selections at Greater Southern Home Recreation. In addition to the huge variety and great prices, we make things easier with free shipping for qualified purchases and financing options.

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