For pool enthusiasts, there’s little as satisfying as the solid cracking sound when someone breaks to start a game of pool. Shooting pool conjures images of iconic movie characters such as Fast Eddie Felsen and Minnesota Fats. There’s nothing like hanging out late into the night in a dimly lit pool hall playing against friends and locals.

It’s little wonder that so many people who love pool dream of having their own pool table. Practicing and playing whenever you want and for however long you want without constantly feeding quarters into the table or waiting for one to open up has an undeniable appeal.

Turning a basement or other room in your home into your own private pool hall is no small matter, though. To begin, even the cheapest quality pool tables are very expensive, and then there are all the accessories such as sticks, cue balls, racks, chalk, etc. It’s a major investment into something you’re going to have for years to come. Because of the size and weight of a pool table, once it’s there, it’s usually there to stay since it’s very difficult to move a pool table without dismantling and destroying it.

With all that in mind, it’s important to research the different options available so that you can make the right choice for yourself. After all, you don’t want to go to the trouble and expense of getting a pool table in your home only to find out the quality isn’t what you expected. So let’s look at some of the top pool table brands to consider for your home. Fortunately, Greater Southern Home Recreation carries all of these brands and more, so if you’re ready to start narrowing down your choices after reading this, we’re here to help!

A.E. Schmidt

Made in America since 1850, A.E. Schmidt pool tables are built with style and durability and deliver incredible value. Using old-school craft with modern technology, A.E. Schmidt builds solid hardwood pool tables and applies high care to every pool table they build. In contrast with many imported brands, their approach doesn’t skimp on construction, finish, and lumber, and their tables are never mass-produced. 

It all starts with the lumber. A.E. Schmidt only uses the highest-quality grades available, and they select solid wood that’s flat, clear, and free of splits. Maple, oak, and tulip are standard, but exotic woods are available if requested. Cabinet construction is a technique tried and true since the early 1900s, assuring the buyer that they’re getting Old World quality, not modern manufacturing methods that cut corners to cut costs. Sight materials are a natural mother of pearl, abalone, or wood inlay– no plastic. And the hand finish involves brushing and then wiping on the stain so that the natural wood patterns show through. Then they seal and smooth for the final part of the finish.

A.E. Schmidt likes to say that you get what you pay for, and they’re right. Their pool tables last for generations, not just years.

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Exceptionally beautiful and well-made, Brunswick pool tables are among the best-known and most highly regarded brands in the entire world. Expert craftsmanship, the finest materials, innovative techniques, and ground-breaking design all combine to produce these extraordinary, highly durable pool tables. The playability is excellent, the look is fantastic, and the pricing is surprisingly affordable for such a high level of quality.

Founded more than 170 years ago by John Moses Brunswick, Brunswick Billiards has grown into one of the world’s most highly regarded and most recognizable names in the billiards industry. Inspired by a beautiful English-made billiards table he saw, Brunswick wanted to make his own wooden tables that would be even better, and that’s what he set out to do. His brothers joined the effort, and soon the business spread across America and later became known worldwide.

Perhaps no other brand has done more to bring the game of pool into people’s homes and make it an American pastime.

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California House

Not exclusively a manufacturer of pool tables, California House has been designing and building custom-order game room furniture since 1953 and has attained a reputation for premier quality. The company is family-owned and operated, based out of a small factory in Sacramento, California.

Like their other products, California House pool tables are high-quality products that come in a wide variety of wood types, finishes, colors, and other options. All products are made to order right there in their factory, and an added bonus is that no two are exactly alike. None of the production is outsourced to low bidders; everything is built at the factory and for the individual customer.

By building exclusively made products, California House is dedicated to helping people create rooms where friends and family can gather to have fun.

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Recognized as one of the fastest-growing brands for pool tables, shuffleboard tables, and game room furniture, Legacy Billiards prides itself on innovative design, attention to detail, and superior customer service. Legacy Billiards pool tables are known for high quality, a distinctive style, and affordability that do not diminish their performance and durability. With the ability to outfit an entire home game room by building all the products under one roof, Legacy Billiards continues to grow in popularity due to excellent quality and high levels of customer satisfaction. Their headquarters and distribution warehouse are in Collierville, Tennessee, and they promise beautiful products that will last a lifetime.

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Greater Southern: A Supplier of Top-Quality Pool Tables and Accessories

As you can see, getting a pool table is a major investment, but when you make an informed decision based on your needs and your budget, you’ll be happy with the choice you make. When you’re ready to take a closer look, see what we’ve got. Send us a message today!