Pinball Machines are found in homes, bars, arcades, and many other recreational areas. Whether you’re a serious hobbyist or just someone who’s trying to have some fun and learn about the game, Pinball Machines are the perfect addition to your home or space. Although you might not be familiar with the history of the Pinball Machine, the gaming device has a rich history. From the eighteenth century until today, the Pinball Machine has been a fan favorite, and many avid gamers rave over the machine. At Greater Southern Home Recreation, you’ll find the Pinball Machine that is right for you. We’ve got many options to choose from, so before you purchase the machine that you’ll love, you’ve got to be versed in pinball and its history to make an informed purchase.


What is Pinball?

Before we delve into the intricacies of pinball and all of our offerings at Greater Southern, it’s worth knowing a thing or two about how pinball works and it’s early beginnings. Pinball is an arcade game, and to play pinball, a ball rolls inside of a cabinet, which is called a Pinball Machine. Inside of the Pinball Machine, the player’s ball will hit many bumpers, ramps, lights, and targets, and the point of the game is that you want to score the most points by hitting the greatest number of targets. Usually, you will use one ball per turn, but this varies depending on the kind of Pinball Machine that you have.

The History of Pinball Machines

The Pinball Machine traces back to an eighteenth-century game, Bagatelle, but the modern Pinball Game can be traced to the 1930s and the creation of pin games operated by coin. Some of the games from the 1930s that inspired modern-day pinball are Whoopee Game, invented in 1931, and Whiffle, created in 1931. These games were significant because they were the first pinball games to separate the player from the machine with a sheet of glass. Moreover, these games also included a mechanical system that allowed players to remove the balls from the game’s board, and these games included a coin mechanism, which required players to pay to play.

The Pinball Machine was incredibly popular during the Great Depression. It was popularized by David Rockola’s pinball model entitled World Fair Jigsaw, created in 1933, and this model machine sold over 70,000 units. More features were added to the Pinball Machine in the 1940s. For example, games like Bally’s Bumper and Gottlieb’s Humpty Dumpty introduced the electrified coil scoring bumper, the automatic ball remover, and the light-up score display.

As the 1970s approached, the Pinball Machine had more significant updates. For example, games like Williams’ Black Knight and Williams’ Monster Bash were themed, and many games were created to represent popular cultural characters and franchises.

By the 1990s, pinball machines were highly advanced, and they incorporated many elements that have become known as easter eggs. Easter eggs are hidden within the game, so as a player progresses, they are tasked to try to find these hidden easter eggs. For example, in the Williams’ games, the designer would put hidden cows in the pinball displays, and players would be expected to find these hidden cows.

How Does Scoring Work?

When you’re playing pinball, scoring is contingent on how many different scoring elements you hit. For example, if you hit a certain number of switches, ramps, or targets, then your score will increase. In many older pinball machines, an electromechanical system was used to score, and these days, scoring is facilitated by a semiconductor chip and electronic displays.

However, it is important to note that scoring in pinball machines varies from game to game, and there are special scores that some games that have that others do not. Some games have high score lists, and this will document the players with the highest scores. Although usually the only thing that comes with achieving a spot on the high score list is bragging rights, the high score list is an archive of the most skilled pinball players.

What Are Some Common Features, In Pinball Machines?

As pinballs have become more advanced, they have become equipped with many different features and play modes. Here are some features that are included in many modern pinball games:

Ball Lock: A ball lock is a feature in pinball machines that locks a ball every time it goes into a target or a hole. This means that a new ball will appear when a ball makes it into a target.  When a player has locked in the number of balls that are required to enter the multiball feature, frequently this is three, then the multiball feature will begin.

Multiball: As previously described, the multiball feature often begins when a pinball player has locked the required number of balls. Multiball is a gameplay mode in which you can play with more than one ball, and oftentimes, there is a jackpot scoring method in multiball mode. Usually, multiball only lasts until the player hits the bottom of the playfield, and when this happens, normal gameplay begins again.

End-of-ball bonus: An end-of-ball bonus is a feature that allows each player to earn bonus points that are contingent on how many times they activate specific multipliers or items during gameplay.

Ball Saver: The Ball Saver Feature is included in many modern pinball games, and this feature allows for a player to be given a free ball if a ball is sent into the drains. This feature is indebted to the pinball games of the 1970s, which included a feature that allowed balls to be returned if no points were scored.

What Kinds of Pinball Machines Does Greater Southern Home Recreation Have?

Greater Southern Home Recreation prides itself in having a large and diverse selection of pinball machines. We’ve got themed Pinball Machines, like the Avengers: Infinity Quest Premium Pinball Machine, which is a machine that any Avengers fan will enjoy. This machine features a motorized Dr. Strange pop-up and transports pinballs into a portal underground. Plus, the machine has RGB lights, and it comes with a custom Thanos Infinity Gauntlet, which has light-up gems.

Greater Southern Home Recreation also has a Deadpool Premium Pinball Machine equipped with different X-Men characters, like Wolverine, Dazzler, Domino, and Colossus. In the game, these characters will battle against villains like Juggernaut, Sabretooth, Mystique, Sauron, and Mr. Sinister. Plus, this Pinball Machine comes with a custom tape called “Deadpool’s Mix Tape,” and this cassette features 11 original music tracks and a sleeve designed by Zombie Yeti.

If you’re looking for a pinball game that features music, check out Guns N’ Roses Limited Edition Pinball Machine. It comes with 21 Full-Length Studio Master Recordings of GNR Favorites. It also has exclusive original pinball music, instrumentals, and sound effects created and performed by Slash.

Star Wars is a popular franchise, and at Greater Southern Home Recreation, you can bring your love of pinball and Star Wars to the next level with the Star Wars Premium Pinball Machine. This machine features an LED screen with speech and the Original Star Wars Trilogy footage. This game is unique because it is a limited edition, and it’s perfect for anyone who wants to be inundated into the Star Wars Galaxy while playing a fun game of pinball.

The Jurassic Park Premium Pinball Machine would be a great addition to your home for every lover of Jurassic Park and pinball. Akin to the thrills that you’ll find in the Jurassic Park movies, the pinball game is just as exciting. The gameplayer’s mission is to rescue the park staff and to find the dinosaurs that have escaped. In the game, there is a T-Rex that throws balls, and there is also a ball-lock mechanism that is guarded by a motorized gate. Weighing in at 280 pounds, this machine is sturdy and great for any pinball and Jurassic Park enthusiast.

Final Thoughts: Pinball Machines at Greater Southern Home Recreation

We hope you enjoyed this guide and hopefully learned a thing or two about pinball machines from this guide we’ve put together. Whether you’re looking for a themed Pinball machine or a retro Pinball Machine, Greater Southern Home Recreation has a machine that will suit your needs. Every home deserves a Pinball Machine, so if you have any questions about which Pinball Machine is the best for you, don’t hesitate to reach out or come to our showroom. We hope to see you soon and help you get the ideal pinball machine in your home!