When it comes to having awesome “toys” in the home, few things rival a pool table. Your own personal pool table will conjure images of the classic match between Fast Eddie Felsen and Minnesota Fats in a smokey old pool hall, only now it’s your pool hall, and you get to play all you want.

Pool tables are big investments, but properly cared for, they last for decades, providing countless hours of fun and camaraderie for generations of a family and their friends. If your parents got a pool table when you were a kid, you surely remember the excitement of seeing it for the first time and you practically had to be dragged to bed that first night you played on it.

Now that you have your own pool table or are about to get one, you’re reliving that excitement all over again. And if this is your first table, you’re about to find out.

A pool table is more than just a pool table, though. There are a lot of accessories that go with it so that you get more out of it and protect this big investment as well. Instead of sifting through the search results of “pool tables sales near me,” just visit us online or come see us in person to get everything you need for your pool table.

Billiard Balls

With our large selection of billiard ball sets, you can choose something that’s perfect for your taste and your budget. Sets start at around just $50, whereas at the upper end, you can opt for the Brunswick Billiards Centennial Ball Set or the Billiards Centennial Package, also from Brunswick. 

The set comes with 16 premium-quality balls (including the cue ball) that are ground and polished for the truest, most accurate roll possible. With the package are top-quality balls, 4 full-length cues, 2 short cues, 2 bridge sticks, racks for 8-Ball and 9-Ball, a table brush, and 12 pieces of chalk.

For a child or friend new to pool or for a skilled player looking to sharpen up, you might like EZ Shot Cue Ball that has markings on it to help you attain better control, accuracy, and position play.

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Billiard Chalk

Every seasoned pool player knows how important it is to keep a well-chalked cue stick; for some, going without feels almost like going outside without clothes on. In addition to having traditional chalk on hand for you, we also have chalk bowls, talc holders, and more. It’s never a bad idea to have extra chalk on hand and a place to keep it.

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Pool Cues

When you’re a beginner pool player, basic cue sticks are just fine and nicer ones aren’t worth the money. In fact, buying an expensive stick early on might be a bad idea because you might damage it before you have a real grasp on how to use it properly.

However, as your game improves, you’re going to see the value of better sticks in how they feel, handle, and perform, so as you step up your game, you’ll be wanting cue sticks suited to your level.

No matter your ability level, we have a stick that’s right for you. That includes one-piece and two-piece sticks, short sticks, replacement tips, stick bridges, and bridge heads. Plus, we have other tools and accessories for keeping your stick in great shape and working order.

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Cue Racks

Leaving cue sticks on the table when not in use is a terrible habit to get into. So is leaving them propped up in a corner. These practices can end up damaging both the sticks and the table surface. 

Getting a cue rack that can be mounted on a wall, floor, or in a corner is an excellent way to protect your investment. Another option is a tray that hangs beneath the table.

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There may come a time when the surface of your pool table will be worn down and in need of replacement. Worse yet, it might sustain serious damage well before its time is up. When that time comes, we have selections of pool table felt so you can restore a brand-new look to your table. In addition, we have cloth cleaners that will help you keep the felt looking great until it reaches the end of its natural lifespan. All of our tables come with a choice of 32 standard cloth color options.

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If you’re going to go to the trouble and expense of having a pool table installed in your home (trouble and expense we think are more than worth it), you can’t just settle on the existing lighting in the room where the table is going to be. For that classic pool hall look, you’ll want overhead pool table lighting, and for that, we have you covered.

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Pool Table Covers

Speaking of being covered, what about a pool table cover? Just as you want to have a cue rack instead of leaving your sticks lying around so they can get warped or broken, you’ll need to protect the even bigger investment that’s your pool table.

A pool table cover will help protect your table from dust, dirt, spills, and stains. It can also protect from accidental damage caused by children playing or by a cat scratching.

You can go with a simple plastic dust cover for your pool table, and we have them in stock, but it’s better to spend more and get something more heavy-duty that will be thicker, less permeable, more resistant to punctures and tears, and more durable.

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Greater Southern Home Recreation: The Best Pool Tables and Accessories in the Atlanta Area

When it’s time to get the accessories you need for your pool table, Greater Southern has the best selection in the Atlanta region, and you might catch us during a pool table sale so you can get even better value for your money.

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