It can be challenging to know where to begin if you’re looking to purchase a pool table. Many types of pool tables are made from different materials, run different lengths, or have various features or design components.

Even if you have an idea of what you want, it’s essential that you do some research before committing to a table just because it shows up if you search “pool table sales near me.” Fortunately, we’ll help walk you through some of the most important factors when choosing a pool table.

How Much Do Pool Tables Cost?

A pool table is always going to be an investment. But if you love the game, it’s well worth it. After all, there’s no substitute for being able to shoot pool with family or friends in your own home.

At Greater Southern, pool tables start at $2,599 but can be as much as $19,799.00. This means that while it can be expensive, many options exist for different budgets. Furthermore, you can be assured that every available table is of high quality and meant to provide you with many hours of play. You’ll find that as prices get higher, there are more options for different styles and design choices.

What Size Pool Table Should You Get?

You might be surprised to learn that pool tables are wider than a standard size. There are four typical size variants: 6 ft, 7 ft, 8 ft, and 9 ft tables. Our most popular size is 8′. This site offers the best value and widest selection of options to choose from.

Figuring out the size you want can be a good starting place when you’re trying to determine which pool table is right for you. This will depend on the space that you have available to you, as well as what you are looking for from your pool experience.

Also, you should remember that when you are calculating if a room can comfortably fit a certain size pool table, you will need to adjust your measurements depending on the length of cue you use as well.

6 ft pool tables are the most compact option. They can be a good choice if you have limited space. However, this is not typically the most standard length for a pool table, and even a 6 ft pool table will need much room to be comfortably played on for players.

It may be worth upgrading to a larger size if you are used to playing the game at bars or pool halls. A 7 ft pool table will be the most popular size for bars. If you are used to playing pool in a bar setting, you may enjoy purchasing a table this size so your experience is consistent.

The 8-foot pool table is the most popular size among our customers. At the 8-foot selection, our customers are able to choose from the widest selection of options.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in developing your pool skills to their fullest potential, getting a 9-foot table may be wise. This is because this is the size that is traditionally used in tournaments and professional settings.

What Style of Pool Table Should You Get?

A pool table doesn’t have to define your room’s decor but instead can be chosen to add to an already established theme. There are many styles of pool tables on sale. This means you will have many aesthetic options to choose from and can find one that suits your specific needs. All of our tables come with a choice of 32 standard color options.

Greater Southern offers five main styles of pool tables: Contemporary, Rustic, Industrial, Transitional, and Traditional.

If you’re looking for a classic, timeless design, you’ll want to go with the traditional pool table. These are going to feature wooden frames and green or red felt on the playing surface. They often resemble pool tables that might be found in studies or pool halls and are usually what first comes to mind when you picture a pool table.

A contemporary pool table can be an excellent choice for a more sleek, polished option. These pool tables often have minimalist designs that help them blend in with many furnishings. Some of these tables might have wooden frames, but others may come in metal, and the felt color can vary substantially.

A rustic pool table is perfect if you want something simple that isn’t too flashy but still feels familiar. These wooden tables will fit perfectly in the game room of your family’s cabin. They do not have busy or complicated designs, but they won’t feel as modern as other style choices.

Suppose you’re looking to blend classic and contemporary. In that case, an industrial or transitional pool table is right for you. The former will be more reserved, with a simple mixed-media design that has a rugged elegance. While the latter will have many variations, it is typically modern or mid-century in style and may have special features to enhance the playing experience.

What Are The Best Pool Tables To Buy?

The ideal pool table for you will depend on your desires and needs. However, here are a few different recommendations for different categories.

Olhausen Sheraton Laminate Pool Table

Budget Option: The Sheraton Laminate Pool Table is a great choice for those who are looking to play pool at home without breaking the bank. A classic aesthetic, this pool table is made from laminate and solid wood and features a flat-paneled cabinet design with classic tapered legs.

Olhausen Laguna Pool Table

Contemporary: The Laguna Pool Table perfectly blends modern design and contemporary aesthetics. Constructed from solid wood in maple, oak, cherry, or walnut, this pool table exudes sophistication and durability. It’s available in both 8 ft and 9 ft sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for your space. The Laguna model features a modern style enclosed rail system, flat paneled cabinet, and elegantly turned legs with a metal crossbar.

Birmingham Pool Table

Industrial: The Birmingham Pool Table is an industrial dream. Combining rugged charm with an industrial look makes Birmingham a perfect choice for modern game rooms in need of a vintage touch.

Olhausen Sharon Pool Table

Rustic: The Sharon Pool Table is a perfect blend of rustic elegance and function, designed for both avid players and design enthusiasts. This table features a modern, enclosed solid wood rail system with a flat paneled apron and pedestal base legs. Available in 7ft, it’s an ideal choice for small spaces without compromising on style or playability.

Olhausen Madison Pool Table

Transitional: The Madison Pool Table features a sleek, enclosed solid wood rail system and a flat paneled apron with a distinctive floor-to-slate leg design. This pool table is available in sizes ranging from 7 ft to 9 ft and is crafted from a choice of premium materials such as maple, oak, cherry, walnut, or laminate. The Madison is customizable to suit any interior decor.

Serpentine Pool Table

Traditional: The Serpentine Pool Table is the height of luxury, with thick, intricately carved curving legs and a classic design. The wood finish and felt can be customized, and it is also available in any size.

What Accessories Should I Buy With My Pool Table?

Selecting the right accessories for your pool table is as crucial as choosing the table itself. The right cues, racks, and balls complement your table’s size and style and significantly enhance your playing experience. Quality accessories ensure smooth gameplay, add to the aesthetic of your game room and cater to the specific needs of the games you enjoy.

Here are some key considerations for selecting the best accessories tailored to your pool table:

Cues: Choose cues that match the size and style of your table. Longer cues are ideal for larger tables, while shorter cues work well for compact tables. Consider cues with adjustable weights for a customizable playing experience.

Racks: Select a rack style that complements your pool table. Wall-mounted racks save space, while floor racks can be stylish in your game room.

Balls: Opt for high-quality balls that offer durability and consistent performance. The type of balls can vary depending on the games you prefer, such as traditional numbered balls for pool or simpler sets for billiards.

Accessory Kits: Many retailers offer accessory kits tailored to your table size and style, providing a cohesive set of everything you need to start playing.

Remember, the right accessories can significantly enhance your pool-playing experience and ensure compatibility with your pool table’s specific type and size.

Now It’s Time to Find the Pool Table Table That’s Right for You

Finding the perfect pool table is about more than just a game; it’s about discovering a centerpiece for your home entertainment, a gathering spot for friends and family, and a personal statement of style. Whether you seek the elegance of classic designs, the sleekness of modern styles, or something uniquely tailored to your space, the journey to finding your ideal pool table is an exciting venture.

With options varying in size, material, and design, each table is more than a play surface; it reflects your personal taste and a commitment to quality leisure time.

We are eager to help you find the pool table that’s right for you. For more information about our selection of pool tables and our limited-time instant rebates, contact us or visit our website.

Greater Southern Home to Top Quality Pool Tables

There are many variables to consider when looking for the right pool table for your home. However, no matter your needs, Greater Southern has you covered. If you have any questions or would just like to learn more about the pool tables that are available for sale, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!