Shuffleboard tables are fun additions to any home, so it is important that you understand the ins and outs of shuffleboard tables if you’re looking to get one for your home. Greater Southern Home Recreation offers a wide array of shuffleboard table accessories. To ensure that you’re as informed as possible, we’ll outline some information about shuffleboard tables so that you make the right purchases on your board. If you have any questions about any of our options or details we go over in this guide, we highly recommend reaching out to our team of highly trained professionals to help you find the perfect shuffleboard for your home!

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What is Shuffleboard?

Shuffleboard is a game in which players use a cue stick to push weighted disks across a court. In shuffleboard, you intend to push the disks into some marked regions, earning you points. One of the best parts about shuffleboard is how easy it is to pick up and play for anyone, regardless of their prior experience. Not only this, but while the game is fairly easy to learn, you will have plenty of reasons to keep playing, as the learning curve to become an advanced player can take a big commitment.

What is the History of Shuffleboard?

Shuffleboard derives from a game from fifteenth century England called shove groat. In shove groat, you would shove a groat, which was a prominent British coin. Eventually, instead of using a groat, players would use a silver penny, and the game was played by players of all ages around the areas of Staffordshire, Winchester, and Wiltshire.

By the beginning of the twentieth century, shuffleboard was a popular game cited in many newspapers, leading to many highly publicized tournaments for the game. However, it was not until 1950 that shuffleboard rose to its highest prominence. In the middle of the twentieth century, shuffleboard was popular with many Hollywood stars, and multiple tournaments were held nationwide—one with as many as 576 teams.

In 1995, the National Shuffleboard Hall of Fame was established, and twelve players have been inducted into the shuffleboard Hall of Fame.

What Size are Official Shuffleboard Tables?

The shuffleboard tables used for professional tournaments are twenty-two feet long by twenty inches wide. The cradle, the narrow part of the table that surrounds the playing surface, will add several inches to these dimensions, so the playing board is about twenty-three feet by thirty-one inches.

What Other Sizes Are Shuffle Boards?

There are many different sizes to choose from when purchasing shuffleboards, and the size you buy depends on how much space you have available for your boards. Here are a few of the sizes that are available to shuffleboard buyers:

An eight-foot shuffleboard table: Although an eight-foot shuffleboard table is not ideal, it’s the best that some people can fit into their home, so if you’re looking to play shuffleboard and you don’t have the space, then this table is for you. In other words, this is the table for people who want to play shuffleboard in smaller spaces.

A nine-foot shuffleboard table: A nine-foot shuffleboard table is a good idea for people looking for a table that will be easy to fit inside the home. Although it is not the best board out there, it is one step above an eight-foot table in terms of serious shuffleboard play. Plus, it’s easier to clean a smaller table, and it’s perfect for casual play.

A twelve-foot shuffleboard table: This table is excellent for casual shuffleboard players. It is one step up from the nine-foot shuffleboard table while still comfortable in most homes.

A fourteen-foot shuffleboard table: A fourteen-foot shuffleboard table is a medium-sized table that is perfect for people who want an excellent shuffleboard experience without purchasing a large table. So, if space is a concern, but you’re still committed to the game, then this table is right for you.

A sixteen-foot shuffleboard table: This midrange table is perfect for people who will have both newbies and professionals playing on their table because it is big enough to be challenging and small enough to be accommodating for new players.

An eighteen-foot shuffleboard table: An eighteen-foot table is an excellent addition to a recreational room that can fit it. Professional players will love the fact that this table is big enough to be challenging.

A twenty-foot shuffleboard table: If you’re looking for a table close to a professional size, then this table is for you. Although it is one step below the twenty-two-foot regulation table, it is challenging enough to simulate the experience that the professional tables offer.

What are the Best Materials for Shuffleboard Tables?

Shuffleboards come in many different materials, and each material will alter the price of your table and the quality of your game. Be sure to research each material before purchasing your shuffleboard because the material is one of the most important things to consider when purchasing a board. There are many materials that shuffleboards come in, but here are a few of the most popular ones: poplar wood, north American maple wood, white maple wood, Russian birch wood, Canadian soft maple wood, maple wood, birch wood, oak, wood, mahogany wood. Each option has excellent benefits and can fit into any house stylistically. We recommend speaking with our team of specially trained staff members to get the ideal recommendation for your home.

How Thick Should My Shuffleboard Table Be?

The thickness of shuffleboard tables varies, but it is a good idea for your table to measure between one and a half inches and three inches in thickness. The thicker your table is, the better, so if you can find a table closer to three inches in thickness, that would be ideal. It is also important to note that shuffleboard tables are supposed to be concave, so do not worry if your table is not flat. That is perfectly acceptable for shuffleboard tables as well.

What Should the Surface Finish of My Shuffleboard Table Be?

There are many different surface finishes to choose from, and in the past, it was common for the surface finish to be completed using shellac or lacquer. Still, these finishes required many coats to avoid damaging the wood underneath. Today, it is common that shuffleboard tables are made with materials like epoxy or polyurethane synthetic polymers, so if your shuffleboard is made with wood, then these materials are your best option for finishes. There is no one specific “correct” choice for what your surface should be made of, so we recommend getting in contact with our team of professionals. We can consult you on what exactly you’re looking for and what will also be that perfect final piece you’ve been looking for for your home.

What Kinds of Shuffleboard Accessories Does Greater Southern Home Recreation Offer?

Shuffleboards are a significant investment, so you must ensure that you take the proper precautions to keep your board safe. That is why Greater Southern Home Recreation offers a shuffleboard board wipe so that you can remove any excess powder that builds up on your shuffleboard table.

Because shuffleboards need to be waxed to ensure that your pucks can properly move on the shuffleboard table, Greater Southern Home Recreation offers a wide assortment of waxes to make gameplay more seamless and fun.

Finally, because not every shuffleboard player is a professional, Greater Southern Home Recreation offers shuffleboard table gutters so that you can practice playing without the pressure of staying on the shuffleboard table. This attachment is great for anyone just learning the shuffleboard game because we believe everyone should be able to play games, even if they’re just starting out. Plus, another perk of bumpers is that your game of shuffleboard will be quieter than a standard game of shuffleboard because pucks will not be able to slide off the playing field surface.

Greater Southern Home Recreation wants to connect every customer with the shuffleboard accessories that are perfect for their shuffleboard, so if you have any questions about the game of shuffleboard or what products we offer, don’t hesitate to reach out or visit our showroom.