You’ve likely been dreaming for a long time about the hours of fun your family and friends could have if you had your own billiards table right in your own home! After all, a pool table takes home entertainment to the next level, getting everyone involved with the classic game whether it’s your poker buddies, couples, or family members of all ages. Selecting the perfect table to fit your space, preferences, and budget is an important decision! To create the home billiards room you will enjoy for years to come, simply review this article, decide your parameters, and choose from our wide selection. Greater Southern Recreation wants you to be 100% thrilled with your selection, so we have assembled the ultimate list of the best pool tables you can buy for your home.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Pool Table

You’re about to make a big choice. So, what should you remember before choosing the perfect pool table for your home? Start with the look you want to create in your designated space, considering:

Color: If you have a room that’s already decorated, you’ll want to choose pool a table that compliments the theme and décor in the room. You don’t have to stick with the standard green felt; you can choose from a wide array of colors to spice up or match your present décor.

Style: Pool tables are available in classic styles as well as more modern versions to suit a variety of tastes. You’ll want to make sure the look fits your game room’s style and the experience you want to create for you and your guests.

Quality: If you’re setting up a statelier billiards room, you’ll want to stick to the classic styles. If you want a more casual feel, you may wish to go with something more contemporary.

Cost: Pool tables are quite an investment, and quality does not come cheap. Whatever your budget, you’ll want to get the best quality for the money. A better quality pool table will last generations if well-cared for.

Warranty & Customer Care: Make sure the warranty is worth the cost of the table and that you’ll be able to reach customer care if you need them.

Slate: Some brands use fiberwood, permaslate, and honeycomb. But you’ll want to stick with slate. Made from mined volcanic ash, the best tables use 1” thick slate for the best stability and play.

Table Legs: Players tend to lean against the table or perch on the edge when playing and socializing. Post legs are the better, more durable choice as they are made from solid wood.

Table Size: Measure your room first. Pool tables are available in seven-to-nine-foot measurements. Keep in mind you’ll need a bigger table for more skilled players, but the amount of space you have in the room will be the most significant factor in the equation.

Pool Table Varieties

Pool tables aren’t one size, and one type fits all. There are three primary billiard table types:

American Pool Tables: Made for fast games, they feature a large play area, napless cloth, big pockets, and cushion rubbers with good bounce.

English Pool Tables: These are smaller than their American counterparts and have smaller balls and pockets.

Pool Dining Tables: These are perfect when you don’t have much room or plan to entertain with food. The insert can be placed on the table to turn it into a dining table.

Top Pool Tables for Your Home

After you’ve considered all of the above, we recommend you review these excellent choices:

The Glenwood Pool Table

Available in an espresso finish for less than $4K, it’s a traditional pool table available in seven, eight, and nine-foot. The Glenwood has a classic arched shape and horizontal routing detail for outstanding character. Made from hardwoods, it is assembled with high torque bolted construction and heavy gauge steel fastening systems. It’s supported with dovetailed cross-supports. Choose from several legs and pocket options.

Brunswick manufactures the Glenwood pool table and has created beautiful pieces for over 170 years. The first pool table brand in the U.S., they are the most popular in the industry. They use Brunswick-certified slate, hardened dome washers, and high-pressure bonding for durability.

The Hamilton Pool Table

A.E. Schmidt manufactures the Hamilton. This solid hardwood pool table offers terrific value and clean lines. The sights are mother-of-pearl or can be upgraded to abalone diamonds, and feature cobra fast cushions. Available in maple or oak finishes, it has a dowel pin constructed frame and is available in four sizes. Rails are lined with hardwood to help with strength and warp resistance.

Greater Southern also offers other A.E. Schmidt pool tables that are elegant and made of solid wood in maple, oak, and tulipwood, right here in the U.S.A. Their tables aren’t painted but stained to show the wood’s natural grain. They also feature a one-inch slate from Brazil. If you want a more custom piece, you can choose one of exotic wood, but this can be expensive.

The Isaac Pool Table

With its steel turnbuckle, solid oak angled legs, and finger-jointed rails, the Isaac makes for a stunner of a pool table. Grey tones wash over solid oak, creating a truly unique finish. Manufactured by Plank & Hyde, its beams are 4″ x 2″ interlocking solid pieces of wood, extending the length of the table and providing 66% more frame to slate support compared to the industry standard table.

The one-piece leg of the Isaac Pool Table makes it the most robust foundation possible. It sports enclosed dove-tailed wood corners that any true craftsman would appreciate, with genuine leather drop-pockets

Origami Pool Table

The Origami Pool Table by California House makes a bold and artistic statement, designed and built for contemporary entertaining spaces. Origami combines fine woodworking and design with uncommon and asymmetrical lines, creating a sculpture that changes from every angle. Available in 7′, 8′, and Pro 8′ sizes to fit your room, it’s also available in 7 standard finishes and eight premium finishes to complement any room decor.

This table is a quality, high-end piece top to bottom with a 100% solid kiln-dried hardwood frame and base for durability and an integrated rail & apron unit for supreme strength. The table pockets are made with vegetable-tanned leather with a black walnut plug for a pleasing ball drop sound.

The details in this pool table set it apart from others and will make it an instant statement in your home.

Complete Your Home Billiard Room with Greater Southern Recreation

If you are creating your own home billiards room, these choices are perfect. Consider the features, size, and style you need for your space and budget. Visit Greater Southern Recreation to make your final selection today! We have pool tables from several quality manufacturers in many sizes, materials, finishes, and felts. We also have a wide selection of accessories, including chalk, racks, cues, table covers, and other items you’ll need to entertain your family and guests. We currently have many pool tables on sale and welcome you to our showroom. Our professional entertainment experts are here to help!