We all remember “The Hustler,” the movie that featured newbie hustler Paul Newman learning the ropes of the hustle from the elder Jackie Gleason’s Minnesota Fats. Later Newman served as Tom Cruise’s Vincent’s mentor. These movies opened up the game to many people, and billiards quickly became a favorite pastime between friends trying to best each other in the neighborhood bar. But you don’t have to go out to enjoy a friendly game of pool.

Whether you’re a novice or a pool pro, you may want to create your own “Hustler” movie experience at home. There are high-quality pool tables at every price point that offer durability, and it’s hard to know where to start when deciding on the perfect brand for you and your home.

With the vast number of pool table brands on the market, wading through the offerings can be overwhelming. However, Greater Southern Home Recreation has assembled the perfect guide to the best pool high-end pool table brands!

The Best High-End Pool Table Brands

A.E. Schmidt

With a long-standing history of pool table manufacturing under its belt, A.E. Schmidt has a broad selection from which to choose. Elegant and durable, A.E. Schmidt pool tables are high-quality and made of solid wood right in their U.S.-based manufacturing plant. The company prides itself on only using high-grade solid wood in maple, oak, and tulipwood.

They do venture into exotic woods for custom pieces. The company uses a unibody or dowl pin-type construction when constructing the cabinet. Sights are made from mother of pearl, abalone, or wood inlay and are sanded before finishing to get a silky feel.

All A.E. Schmidt tables are stain finished to let the natural grain of the wood show. The slate on their tables is one inch from Brazil. Legs and other carved and turned components are cured for several months to allow controlled drying.

A.E. Schmidt pool tables are available at Greater Southern in several models, including the Topaz with a dual pedestal base and clean lines and the popular Webster model.


Brunswick is well-known for fine artisanship and quality materials. Operating in the U.S. for over a century, they were the first American pool table brand. Their trademark Brunswick certified slate, nut plate, hardened dome washer, solid wood rails, and high-pressure bonding combine to deliver durability and outstanding performance.

Constructed with solid wood, dovetail support contributes to a solid piece that will stand the test of time. Brunswick is also widely known for its customer service. Greater Southern offers Brunswick pool tables, including the Gold Crown VI model in mahogany or skyline walnut, and the modern Black Wolf Pro with pedestal legs, leg stretcher, and foot levelers. At a lower price point, the Brunswick Contender Series pool tables are available for less than $4k and include the Craftsman style Oakland model and the traditional Allenton model.

Legacy Billiards

Legacy Billiards makes pool tables with solid, perfect corner construction, hardwood bracing, and first-run slate. Their tables also include a one-inch slate. They also have a green initiative, using white mahogany harvested in a sustainable manner that protects the rainforest and the environment.

The imported tables offer a great alternative when trying to keep the budget down. Greater Southern Home Recreation offers the rustic style Harpeth II for less than $6K and the budget-friendly Mustang for under $3K.

Plank & Hide

Plank & Hide Co. pool tables offer modern and traditional styles and accurate play with quality craftsmanship and impressive styling. The Talbot is elegantly designed with a tapered leg and detailed molding. Greater Southern carries the Felix, a modern model with a solid steel frame and legs, scratch-resistant finish, and leather black bucket pockets.

California House

California House pool tables offer modern styling and solid construction. Made to order in the U.S., they feature clean lines and are made of 100% kiln-dried hardwood. The company also uses an exclusive rail-lock system to offer superior strength.

Greater Southern Recreation has California House models, including the Origami pool table with asymmetrical lines and the mid-century modern designed Austin pool table.

Canada Billiards

Canada Billiards has been manufacturing pool tables for nearly fifty years. The company uses quality materials on its modern production line. C.B. makes pool tables in solid birch and a bolted base frame.

All levels are topped with a one-inch Brazilian slate. Greater Southern Recreation has Canada Billiards offerings, including the cleanly designed Revolution pool table and the Rhino Standard. Both are custom manufactured with lead times of up to twenty weeks. But they are definitely worth the wait!

Considerations When Buying Your New Pool Table

There are several things you should consider before making your selection, including:

The Brand

The brands we’ve discussed are not the only ones on the market. They are just a few of the top brands we can suggest. Other brands are available and should be considered. Ensure that the brand you choose has good reviews and acceptable customer service policies and is available when you need them for servicing or maintenance requests. Confirm how long they have been in business and if pool tables are the bulk of their business.

The Frame

Your pool table’s frame should have a sturdy frame and hold the weight of your table. Wood should be fitted to the bottom and have cross beams for more support. This ensures that your table won’t sag over time.

The Type of Slate

The slate on your pool table is something that you will need to maintain, and at least a one-inch slate should be used.

The Table Legs

Legs can be ornate or simple, post or pedestal. Choose the look that best suits your room and personal style. But more importantly, choose durable legs than can support both the pool table and the weight of players who tend to lean on the table when playing.

The Table’s Cushions

Choose high-quality materials that won’t interfere with the rebound of the balls.

The Price of the Table

Of course, price matters. You should be able to find a pool table to fit any budget. Just set your budget and only consider those that work within these limits.

What Customers Are Saying

Check out customer reviews and find out the truth about real experiences with the brand and model you’re considering.

Your Personal Goals

What you plan to do with your table will play into your decision. If you’re training to become a pro, you’ll need a specific table type. If you’re just enjoying your pool table with your friends, a less expensive option is probably the right one for you.

Table Size

Consider the space you have when looking for tables. Pool tables are available in lengths between six to nine feet. When measuring your space, be sure to include the room players will need to move around comfortably with their cue sticks.

The Included Pool Accessories

Most pool tables will come with a ball, cues, chalk, and triangle. But you may need cue racks and cases or other accessories.

Greater Southern Carries All the Best High-End Pool Table Brands

With this list of the best high-end pool table brands, you should be set to start your search. We wish you the best of luck finding the right billiard table for your home. Greater Southern Recreation also has billiard accessories, pool cues, and gaming furnishings for your home.
We welcome you to start your search in our showroom. Call us, or schedule your in-home consultation to build the billiard room of your dreams! Our experienced entertainment experts are ready to help you today!