Whether you’re an experienced pool player or new to the sport, it’s complicated to understand the difference between slate and non-slate pool tables. Since deciding which pool table to purchase is complex, Greater Southern wants to help make things easier for you. Let’s go over the facts so that you can make an informed decision as to whether a slate or a non-slate pool table is suitable for your home.

The Basic Differences

A slate pool table is made from a polished rock mixed with other materials. While a non-slate pool table is made from particleboard or another material—basically, a material that is not slate. You might be wondering, what’s the difference? To make things simple, slate tables are more aligned with professional pool players, and non-slate tables are better for people who are less serious about the sport. However, it is more nuanced than just that, so here are the pros and cons of each kind of table.

Slate Pool Tables Pros and Cons

We’ll start off by going over slate pool tables. Due to the nature of the material, a slate pool table will always be perfectly flat, which makes your shots more precise. If you’re a dedicated pool player, you’ll understand that a slate table will be the difference between a decent shot and a perfect shot. Moreover, the material is incredibly durable, so you won’t have to worry about the environment that the table must withstand. Plus, if you spill a drink on the table or water damage occurs, the table is less likely to be damaged because of the slate material. Speaking of upkeep, it is much easier to maintain the felt or cloth on a slate table, so keeping your table in pristine condition is simple with a slate table. Tables like the Allure Pool Table and the Blazer Pool Table are great options if you’re interested in investing in a slate pool table.

With that, slate tables do have downsides, so here are the cons of owning a slate table. The first is that slate tables tend to be pricier than their non-slate counterparts. Avid pool players will compromise, but you might be wearier to invest in a table if you’re just starting out. Slate tables are cumbersome, so there is a chance that the table will warp your flooring if it is not installed in a place that can endure its weight. Slate tables are also a bit more complicated to install. An installation professional is recommended.

Non-Slate Pool Tables Pros and Cons

Onto non-slate pool tables, here are the perks of purchasing a non-slate table. If slate tables are expensive, you can probably guess that non-slate tables are a good bit cheaper. That means you won’t break the bank if you invest in a non-slate pool table. Because non-slate pool tables cater to beginner players, people with no experience will be able to assemble their pool table without any external assistance. The process is more intuitive than the slate table’s installation process, and the non-slate table is lightweight, which makes things easier if you have to move your table. Finally, if you expect that a lot of children will be playing with your pool table, then a non-slate table might be right for you. Non-slate tables accommodate younger players, so families might want to consider this option.

You can probably predict the downsides of non-slate pool tables. These tables are more prone to being damaged, and they are also less precise. If you’re expecting your pool table to last for years to come, you will have to be careful with a non-slate table.

We’ll Help You Make the Perfect Choice for Your Home

Now that you have the facts, how can Greater Southern help? The good news is that Greater Southern can help you purchase top-of-the-line slate pool tables. Are you leaning towards a slate table? Good choice. As mentioned above, tables like the Allure Pool Table and the Blazer Pool Table are great options if you’re interested in investing in a slate pool table. Your options aren’t limited to those two tables, though. So we encourage you to contact us today so that we can cater your pool table to your needs. Even if you decide that a slate pool table is not for you, Greater Southern has plenty of other arcade games that might be perfect for your home. Greater Southern has you covered whether you’re looking for board games, pinball machines, darts, jukeboxes, or a slate pool table.

We look forward to helping you decide which pool table is right for you soon!