One of the most popular comic book series of all time, X-Men, has a huge following and extremely successful movies based off them. These movies include star actors like Hugh Jackman and Ian McKellen who play super humans who have mutant features that separate them from the humans they are forced into saving. The choices between good and evil haunt the mutants and drive them to pick sides in the battle for the planet.  The comics, movies and video games have all been widely popular and now there is a new and improved game to excite all the fans.

Stern Pinball Machines are releasing three X-Men Pinball game machines, based on the comic books and designed for the fans. The tremendous collector following will enjoy the smooth mechanical action, challenging obstacles and bright X-Men art. The design follows the comic book theme and also fits the pinball machine look. The three versions will include: 300 Wolverine numbered Limited Editions, 250 Magneto numbered Limited Editions, and a Pro Model.  The Limited Editions come around once in a lifetime and will become instant classics in the gaming and comic world.  Each machine has an intricately designed ramp with all sorts of bumpers, buzzers and lights to confuse, distract and excite all the players. The games will be challenging and a great way to compete with friends for the top scores on the pinball machine. The production of the X-Men Limited Edition will begin at the end of June and the Pro Production will commence at the beginning of August.  All the pinball machines will reach the market at the goal date in September and orders will quickly buy up all the available editions.  The Pro Edition will not change in price from previously sold Stern Pinball machines requiring a $2,000 deposit for Limited Edition games. Stern is willing to work with any customer in helping them find a specific game number or any other unique requests. The Limited Editions will be sold directly from Stern as well as individual stores like Greater Southern Home Recreation. Greater Southern is the largest pool table and pinball machine store in the greater metro Atlanta area.