Nothing is better than being able to host and entertain friends and family outdoors. From outdoor furniture to a portable outdoor kitchen, Greater Southern has the perfect solution to all of your outdoor needs. Keep reading to find out our top 20 ideas for elevating your outdoor cooking and entertaining skills! 

    1. Vibrant Seating Area: One of the best ways to add some colorful spice to your patio area is to add some dynamic seating options! Instead of going completely neutral, why not add a pop of color with some of your seating options? This draws the eye to the color and helps you enhance your outdoor space in the best way possible. We highly recommend this bright blue Adirondack Chair, which would perfectly fit any seating area. If Adirondack Chairs aren’t your cup of tea, try out this fun, striped patterned Lounge Chair
    2. Try a U-Shaped Design: If you are looking for a space-saving design for your outdoor kitchen, one of the best options Greater Southern provides is the U-Shaped design. By having your kitchen shaped as a “U,” you can access every part of a traditional kitchen but in a more compact space. Stack your countertops on one side, have your sink space at the front, and have your grill and grilling accessories on the other. Not sure what kind of grill to try out? We’ve got you covered! Try this one out!
    3. Add a Fire Pit: It can be hard to find something superior to a fire pit for any home. Perfect for summer bonfires, s’mores roasting, and cool fall nights, a fire pit makes every visitor feel cozy and happy. There are plenty of varieties of fire pits, and Greater Southern has a model just for you. If you’d like to use propane gas to fuel your fire pit, we would love to recommend this Fire Pit. Maybe you’d prefer a more stylish fire pit with chevron wicker weave. Look no further and check this one out.
    4. Add a Statement Showpiece: If you need a little excitement in your outdoor kitchen setup, why not try adding a single statement showpiece that is meant to dazzle and impress your family and friends? Investing in a statement-making piece is much easier than replacing every last bit of decor on your patio. We recommend something that is both interesting to look at and functional, like this Big Green Egg. The Big Green Egg is an incredible grill, smoker, and slow cooker. This all-in-one solution is also a striking green color, which is sure to generate a conversation!
    5. Create Wood-Fired Pizza: A classic staple of any outdoor kitchen is a pizza oven. No matter how you heat it up, we have both Wood and Gas pizza ovens ready to bake delicious, homemade pizzas. What if you are uncertain about your pizza cooking skills and wonder whether or not it is worth the investment because you can’t perfect your own homemade pizza crust? We have a solution for that too! We offer different types of dough Mixes, expertly crafted and easy to use.
    6. Consider Expanding: When you need more storage in your outdoor kitchen space, it can be hard to decide whether to expand your space or invest in modular expansion cabinets. Modular expansion cabinets are an excellent choice because they do not take up a lot of room, and they are great for storage. They are also a less costly option than expanding your entire space. We love this expansion Cabinet, which also works perfectly paired with the Big Green Egg grill.
    7. Say it with Stone: Stone accessories are smooth, heavy, and durable. Consider making your outdoor kitchen countertops stone in order to add a sense of luxury to the space. If kitchen countertops are too much for you, how about choosing stone accessories to add some fashion to your outdoor kitchen space? Adding stone tops to your tables is a great way to do this. We recommend this beautiful stone side Table.
    8. Light up the Patio with String Lights: If you would like your space to be transformed into a glimmering, enchanting view, look no further than string lights. String lights are bendable and come in different forms, such as solar-powered and battery-operated. String lights also come in various colors, with various light features, such as gradual blinking and fading. They can be strung along your canopy outside for a romantic feel or laced through the holes in your fencing for a dash of elegance. You can even hang them from tables (like this one) for a subtle glow.
    9. Go with a Classic BBQ Grill: Is an outdoor kitchen space ever complete without a classic BBQ grill? A BBQ grill brings your kitchen to life and makes your guests extremely happy! While there are many BBQ grill options, we love this pellet-fueled Option. It is sleek, modern, and even comes with an app so you can control your grill from your phone. It doesn’t get much cooler than that! We also have other options on our site, so be sure to check out what we have available!
    10. Incorporate Texture: Adding textured materials to your outdoor kitchen adds a sense of depth. You could add stone tile to the walls of your outdoor kitchen or add dimensional paint to your outdoor kitchen cabinets. You could even add a textured backsplash! We also recommend adding textured furniture pieces, as this can tie a look together quickly and effortlessly. Check out this beautiful woven high-back swivel Chair, which would be perfect for adding some texture.
    11. Buy Weatherproof Materials: It is a sad day when your outdoor furniture breaks down instantly from rain or severe weather, or the furniture cushions begin fading from the constant sun exposure. This is why it is important to buy furniture created from weatherproof materials that can withstand severe heat and moisture! One weatherproof item that we suggest checking out is this Tea Set. Crafted from premium-grade aluminum, this tea seat is certainly created to stand the test of time, especially in your outdoor kitchen.
    12. Use an Umbrella for Shelter: Protect your guests (and yourself!) from the sun and rain with a canopy or umbrella. Umbrellas are easily personalized, with a large variety of patterns and colors. Find an umbrella that suits your outdoor kitchen here!
    13. Choose a Small BBQ for Ease: Let’s say you do not have a lot of space to store a full-sized BBQ, and need something small and portable. We have a variety of smaller BBQs that will complement your outdoor kitchen space beautifully. For example, we have this smaller grill that also doubles as a Smoker! Having a grill that isn’t as large will save you space and clean-up time.
    14. Add a Bar: Adding a bar is an excellent option if you are especially drawn to creating flavorful, chilled drinks on a hot summer night. Your guests will also love being able to pull their favorite wine, beer, and other alcoholic beverages straight from the bar! Some bars are fully equipped with refrigeration services, while others have specific compartments just for storing wine! Regardless of your bar style, don’t forget to add stylish bar stools like this one.
    15. Match the Kitchen to Your Surroundings: Do you have a more natural setting in your backyard? Maybe you’re surrounded by plenty of greenery and trees. Perhaps your outdoor kitchen is up against a rustic brick wall in a city. One excellent tip is to match your kitchen to your surroundings in order to have a seamless, effortless look. A neutral color scheme would match and look lovely if you have your outdoor kitchen in a gardening oasis. If you’re looking for quality pieces of neutral decor, look no further than pieces like this Loveseat!
    16. Go All Out on Decor: Don’t skimp on outdoor decor! Accessorize your outdoor kitchen with colorful dishes, shiny utensils, and unique dinnerware. Why not add some functional decor items, such as backyard games? A game of cornhole is a great way to get your guests moving outdoors while the food is cooking on the grill. Or, try setting up this classic Dartboard cabinet to motivate your guests to show their competitive side. Every outdoor kitchen needs some kind of decor in order to make it feel welcoming and inviting.
    17. Spice it up with Shelving: One way to add more decor and storage is to set up shelving in your outdoor kitchen. This can be done by attaching shelves to the kitchen wall or by having a set of shelves that freely stand on their own. Either way, shelves can be highly versatile and come in a variety of finishes and materials, such as wood or metal. You can find short shelving systems or tall shelving systems. You can add more decor to the shelves or use the shelves as a storage system for kitchen utensils.
    18. Benefit from a Deep Clean: One of the easiest ways to feel accomplished and organized is to give your grill a good scrubbing. Having a clean grill is good for your health, and it makes your outdoor kitchen look all the better. Use recommended grill cleaner and a variety of tools to scrape away any residual grease. We love using this cleaning brush to get the job done. Unlike some steel brushes, this brush is all-natural and safe to use, so if a bristle gets left behind, it simply burns away with the next grill session.
    19. Put Your Outdoor Kitchen on Wheels: Are you the type of person who likes variety and likes to move things around often? Make it easier on yourself by putting your outdoor kitchen on wheels! By placing your kitchen on wheels, you can move it wherever you would like in order to save space and energy. This helps you move your kitchen setup around with much less effort. Try putting your bar, grill, and cabinets on wheels! If you own a Big Green Egg, we recommend this Wheel Set so you can move it around with ease!
    20. Add Plushy Deep Seating: Our final tip recommends investing in comfortable, cozy furniture that makes you feel like you are sitting on a cloud. You don’t have time to waste on hard, unattractive furniture! We have a beautiful selection of deep, plushy seating, which envelops you and your guests in soft luxury. Imagine sinking into this chaise lounge chair. Be sure to browse through our entire deep seating collection, as there is an option for everyone and every outdoor kitchen design. 

Now that you’ve read our favorite tips for decorating and using your outdoor kitchen area, we hope you will visit our website at Greater Southern Home Recreation. We look forward to serving you and your family as you embark on your outdoor kitchen journey. Contact us anytime!