Summer is coming, and we could all use something to distract us from the heat and humidity here in Atlanta. What better way to prepare for the summer than investing in a reliable game table to share with your friends, family, and loved ones? There are many options, from home air hockey tables to portable options. 

You may have a great indoor space or game room with a little furnishing. Or what about a game table that can be used outdoors? 

We’ll review the different game table types for your summer needs. If you’re ready to invest in entertainment but unsure where to start, it’s time to start here. 

Best Indoor Game Tables 

Nothing spices up a lounge or game room like a modern indoor game table. From air hockey tables to pool tables, the options are practically endless. We’ll help you explore some reliable options at various price points for all your indoor game table needs. 

Best Air Hockey Tables for Sale

Barren Rustic Air Hockey (Legacy Billiards) 

This homely air hockey table is the perfect addition to a woodsy, rustic space in your home or office. Finished with rustic pine or ash wood, this air hockey table is more than just “child’s play.” It looks and feels real and raw: not just good for entertainment. It’s an aesthetic piece too. This table comes with everything you need to start playing right away, so bring home the fun with the Barren Rustic Air Hockey Table. 

Hot Flash II 8’ Air Hockey (Dynamo) 

If you want to invest in a game table that you can rely on, consider investing in the iconic Dynamo Hot Flash II. To this day, this is renowned as the number-one-selling air hockey table in the world. Don’t let the price intimidate you: created with advanced technology and a flashy, memorable design, this table won’t let you down. It’s perfect to spice up a family space or even a trendy commercial community room. 

Best Pool Tables for Sale

Megan Pool Table (Legacy Billiards) 

There’s nothing quite like a traditional pool table to make your living space more classy, and the Megan Pool Table is one of the best in the business. This simple, sleek game table combines elegance and entertainment into one. At Greater Southern, you can select your finish, felt color, and size. This customization transforms what could be a basic game table into the perfect addition to your game space. 

Tellico Pool Table (Legacy Billiards) 

Leave traditional designs behind and move towards a more contemporary choice with the eight-inch Tellico Pool Table. This indoor pool table is perfect for homes or offices with a modern-inspired design. This hip game table is great for all ages and will provide hours of leisure time for any competitive spirit.  

Best Outdoor Game Tables

Some people might be wary of installing a game table outdoors. What if the weather gets to it? What if it’s damaged? 

Luckily for anyone who has an outdoor space that needs some serious spicing up, there are plenty of game tables suitable for outside use. We’ll go over some can’t-miss options for your shopping expertise and an overview of what makes these pieces “outdoors proof.” 

Best Shuffleboard Tables for Sale

Emory Indoor/Outdoor Shuffleboard Table (Legacy Billiards) 

This dynamic shuffleboard table can be used indoors or outdoors, which comes in handy when the seasons change, and you feel like switching things up! Constructed using picturesque Acacia wood, this game table is durable enough to withstand the pressures of the outdoors. On the flip side, its rustic look fits nicely inside an aesthetic game room or lounge area. Set yourself up for nonstop fun and games with the beloved Emory Shuffleboard Table – it’s twelve inches of letting the good times roll! 

Outdoor Shuffleboard (R&R Outdoors)

Meet the new attraction of any outdoor space: this Rock Solid Shuffleboard will fit seamlessly into any patio while still drawing eyes. Get ready for endless hours of family-friendly entertainment that will appeal to the young and the old. Complete with a granite playing surface and a powder coat finish of your choice. You’ll be so busy admiring this game table you might forget to play with it! 

Best Outdoors Pool Tables

Horizon Pool Table (R&R Outdoors) 

Turn a relaxing pool day into an opportunity for gameplay with the beachy Horizon Pool Table. This unique, elegant piece is as lux as it is laidback. Customize your own powder coat color and cloth color to ensure that your game table pairs perfectly with your poolside aesthetic. Since this is a customizable piece, you’ll want to order it as much in advance as possible – so act now before the summer is over! 

Barren Indoor/Outdoor Pool Table (Legacy Billiards) 

Looking for something that you can take inside or bring outside? Look no further than the Barren Indoor/Outdoor Pool Table, a diverse piece that’s as fun as it is functional. Designed specifically for outdoor use, this game table can handle wear and tear for lifetime usage. Constructed with sleek hardwood and fiberboard, it’s the perfect addition to a minimalist lounge or patio space. 

Best Outdoors Ping-Pong Tables 

300X Outdoor Ping Pong Table (Cornilleau) 

The real value of a ping pong table comes in its simplicity. But just because something is simple doesn’t mean it has to be boring. The Cornilleau 300X is an epic Outdoor Ping Pong Table that comes in a sleek, modern design: plus, it’s adjustable to fit different players’ needs. Made to be enjoyed outside, this outdoor ping pong table will bring family and friends together like no other. 

510M Pro Outdoor Ping Pong Table (Cornilleau)

Ping pong isn’t a sport to take lightly, and this table proves it. The 510M Pro Outdoor Ping Pong Table is durable and built to professional standards. Whether you’re looking to match a minimal yard aesthetic or need something to impress possible investors at your job: this stately outdoor ping pong table is sure to deliver. 

What Type of Game Table is Right for You? 

With so many options to consider, we know how intimidating it can be to make a final decision. But when it comes to purchasing a game table that will transform your home or commercial space, you can’t go wrong. 

No matter what your budget is or what aesthetic you’re trying to match, we’ve got you covered here at Greater Southern. Prepare for family fun, engaging entertainment, and a warm, homey feeling with your new game table in place. 

We have air hockey tables, pool tables, and shuffleboard tables in several designs and sizes here at Greater Southern. It’s time to get ready for another Atlanta summer!