Air hockey burst onto the scene in 1972 when it was first released for public play by the Brunswick Billiards company. Within a few years, air hockey tables could be found in bars and arcades throughout the USA and public tournaments took place in cities across America.

Playing Air Hockey

Toss a coin to determine who will receive the puck firstor be a nice player and let your opponent have the puck first. You can even place the puck in the middle of the table for a face-off to start the game.Hit the puck from your side of the table to the opponent’s side within seven seconds or receive a penalty forcing you to give the puck to your opponent. Your opponent has seven seconds to return the puck or the puck should be given to you manually.

Protect your goal constantly and hit the puck toward your opponent’s goal at every opportunity available.

Give the puck to your opponent if you hit the puck and cause it to leave the confines of the table.

Win the game by being the first player to score seven points.

Helpful Tips:

Keep the mallet about 8 inches in front of the goal for defense and move the mallet to the corner of the goal nearest the side where the puck deflects.Hold the mallet on the back side with two or three fingers to give your shots more wrist action and speed as compared to holding the top of the mallet in the palm of your hand.

Penalties are caused by touching the top of the puck with the mallet. If you do this give the puck to your opponent.

Never touch the puck with any part of your body or clothing during the game once the puck is in play. If you do, you must give the puck to your opponent.

Stopping a puck headed toward the goal with anything other than the mallet results in a free shot by your opponent.

If you knock the puck into the goal you are guarding, your opponent receives a point.