At Greater Southern Home Recreation, we have a variety of ping pong tables, ranging from those appropriate for the casual garage tournament player to the pro or the ultimate man cave dweller. We even have a super cool Brunswick Ping Pong Conversion Top that lets you convert your pool table to a ping pong table easily, which is great for smaller rooms that it would be tough to fit both types of tables in. Speaking of converting tables, while we wouldn’t suggest using our higher end tables for this, for the casual player, a ping pong table makes an awesome level playing field for beer pong, the god of all party games. Using your table for ping pong games and beer pong games makes it an even better purchase for the whole family. Ping pong is tons of fun for family gatherings, and kids love to play it with their older siblings (plus, it teaches them hand eye coordination, which is great for parents who are hoping to raise the next Chipper Jones). When the kids go to bed, the table turns into a great playing field for the adults who want to have some fun too. One thing we might suggest is to put a tarp down over your table; a tarp won’t affect the bounce of the balls, and it will protect your table from any spillage.

How to Play Beer Pong

  1. Set up your 10 plastic cups in a triangle formation at each end of the table, with four cups closest to the players and one cup pointing towards the center of the table.
  2. Fill the cups ¼ of the way full with beer (don’t use your craft beer for this one), or more if you are really trying to get the night going.
  3. Wash your hands, and have a washing cup set up to clean the balls between throws. Remember, you are going to be drinking out of the cups that you’re sticking your hands in.
  4. There are two people to a team, and a player from each team throws the first throw simultaneously to decide which team goes first.
  5. From here on, the teams take turns trying to get their balls into their opponents’ cups. Whenever a team lands a ball, the opposite team has to drink. If both team members make their shot, they get to go again.
  6. To win, both team members have to get their ball into the last standing cup of the opposing team.

Check out our selection of ping pong tables here, and don’t waste your money of one of those silly tables that are made especially for beer pong.