When purchasing a pool table, you will want to be informed because, undoubtedly, pool tables are a significant investment. Greater Southern Home Recreations believes that everyone should be matched with the pool table that fits their needs, so we’ll walk you through the things you need to know before buying a pool table. When you’re ready to secure your own pool table, you can come to our showroom or contact us about purchasing your pool table.

What is Pool?

Pool is a classification of what is known as cue sports. In pool, a player will try to use a cue stick to get balls into one of the six pockets that are located on the outskirts of the table. There are many different balls involved, each with unique identifying characteristics. When you’re playing pool with another player, the point is to get your balls into the pocket before your opponent gets theirs into the pockets. Seems simple enough, right? Well, pool may seem easy to pick up, but becoming proficient can take a lot of practice.

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What are the Different Types of Pool Tables?

There are many different types of pool tables; the most important thing to consider when buying a pool table is the table type. Let’s discuss the different kinds of pool types available because these will affect the play of your pool games.

Synthetic Table Slates

  • Particle Board: The particle board pool table is made from medium-density fiberboard that is prone to warping. For people who are not concerned with how long their pool table lasts, then this material is suitable for you. However, with condensation and changes in temperature, this table will most likely warp and ware down. The perk of having a particle board table is that it will be easy to move and it won’t damage your flooring, but overall, this table will not be as durable as more extravagant tables.
  • Honeycomb: The honeycomb table is a surface comprised of many different compressed layers of plastic. Although this table is good because it will not warp, there is a downside, and that is that the table is prone to being rougher than other materials. This is a con because it will affect your gameplay and your shots. Moreover, this material is lightweight, so it is prone to tipping.
  • Slatron: Slatron is also known as Permaslate, and this material comprises a layer of hard plastic that covers a particle board. If you’re in the market for a synthetic table, this material is the highest quality synthetic table out there. If you’re looking to save money, this synthetic table could be for you, but the slate tabletops will be the most durable you’ll find.

Slate Tabletops

Slate is the top-tier material to use when making pool tables. Slate tables are not only the industry standard but also the most durable. So, slate tabletops will not crack under the surface, and they will not warp. Although there are different kinds of slate tables out there, no matter what kind of slate you get, it will still be high quality. The best pool tables on the market today utilize Brazilian slate.

Slate comes in various sizes, ranging from three-fourths of an inch thick, to seven-eighths of an inch thick, to one inch thick. Although it is possible to buy thin slates, it is recommended that you purchase one-inch thick slate to ensure optimum quality. The Billiard Congress of America recommends that players use slate tables that are one inch thick because that is their standard for professional play. It is important to note that slate tables are heavy and hard to transport but to make things easier, often tables are segmented into three parts for transportation purposes.

How Are Pool Tables Constructed?

Many different parts comprise a pool table. The large wooden frame that is rectangular in shape is called the table cabinet, and the table cabinet is made from reasonably thick planks of wood. You will want to have a robust table cabinet when purchasing a pool table because this will ensure that your table is as sturdy as possible. The construction of your table cabinet varies depending on which table you purchase, but often slate tables are supported by a pair of cross beams that align with the joints of the 3 pieces of slate. Your tabletop will rest on your table cabinet, and there will be bumpers lined flush with the table rails and slate in a rectangular pattern. Over the top of the slate and rails is the felt, which is the material that the balls travel over during a game of pool. Finally, the pockets are at the four corners and in the middle on both sides, usually secured with metal brackets. This is the most standard build of pool table you will typically see. Newer designs will have pockets that are inset into the rails, giving a more contemporary feel.

What are the Different Styles of Pool Tables?

Pool tables are large in size, meaning they will take up a substantial amount of space in your home, so it is essential that they stylistically align with the room in which they’ll be placed. There are many different styles that pool tables come in, and here are a few:

  • Classic Tables: Classic tables are pool tables that resemble the tables you might have found in your grandparents’ generation. These tables are often covered in a green, or red vintage felt. Plus, these tables have a hardwood frame, and the legs of the table are often adorned with an antique pattern that might resemble an antique wooden chair or wooden table.
  • Contemporary Tables: Contemporary tables are meant to be minimal and sleek. These tables often resemble classic tables, but instead of being wooden, these tables are painted black, and the green and red felt are usually blue or even a pattern.
  • Modern Tables: Modern tables deviate entirely from the past, and these tables are often devoid of table legs. Instead, you’ll find pedestals on modern tables, and frequently there are various bright felt colors and track lighting. Sometimes, you’ll find LED covers on top of the tables that can help guide your shots. Modern tables are high-end, designer tables that bring the game into the twenty-first century.

How Big Are Pool Tables Typically?

Pool tables are relatively cumbersome, so it is essential to know how much space they are going to take up before you opt to purchase one. Often, first-time buyers of pool tables will underestimate how much space they need to fit a pool table. So, to set the record straight: for an eight-foot table (the industry standard), you’re going to need about fourteen by eighteen feet available in your home, and to fit a seven-foot table, you’re going to need about thirteen by seventeen feet available in your home. Although these tables are not as typical as some of the more standard sizes, it is also possible to purchase a nine-foot table, which will require fifteen feet by eighteen feet. This table is harder to play on, but it will make you a stronger pool player. This may not be for everyone, but anyone looking to improve their pool play to a high level should highly consider this option.

What Kind of Pool Tables Does Greater Southern Home Recreation Offer?

If you’re looking for a table designed for the “Modern World,” then you’ll want to check out the Olhausen Luxor Pool Table, which is available in a wide array of finish options. This table is great because you can customize the finish to match your home’s decor. Moreover, this table has a slate tabletop, so the pool table will not warp or crack.

If you’re looking for a table that has an industrial look to it, then the Birmingham Pool Table is the right choice for you. This table is equipped for indoor play, and you can customize the felt color so that the table matches your home’s décor. This table can be purchased as an eight-foot or a nine-foot table, so if you’re interested in purchasing a state-of-the-art nine-foot table, then the Birmingham Pool Table might be right for you.

Finally, the Olhausen Railyard Table is marvel for anyone who’s looking for a rustic pine table with an antique twist. This table provides an upscale rustic feel, fitting in with any luxury home, while serving as a quality pool table that will exceed the standards of any pool connoisseur.


At Greater Southern Home Recreation, we have pool tables that fit any shopper’s needs. So, for more information about what types of pool tables we have to offer, contact us or visit our showroom today. We have a full staff ready to help guide you through every step of the pool table purchasing process, and can not wait to get the perfect option prepared for your home!

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