At Greater Southern Home Recreation, we offer a variety of high-quality pool tables from the best brand names in the business, including Brunswick, Connelly, LegacyDrawknife, and Aramith. We offer our customers quality tables from the best manufacturers, because when shopping for a pool table, you really do get what you pay for. A pool table should be a legacy purchase; these are not just great home bar or man cave game tables; they are beautiful pieces of furniture that act as the centerpiece of a room and should last a lifetime with proper care. Buying a pool table can be a big purchase; don’t waste your money on an inferior table!

What makes a pool table high quality?

quality pool table The image above is an example of the internal components of a corner of a cabinet inside a quality table from Legacy Billiards. Here are the characteristics of this particular table that make its quality stand out among some other tables:

  • The internal components are all made of one-inch-thick solid hardwood. There is no laminate, veneer, or plywood. Using solid hardwood components keeps the table solid and prevents the parts from wiggling loose, which can be a real problem in regions like the Southeast that have high humidity and relatively noticeable weather changes.
  • Legacy builds what they call a “perfect corner,” an innovative corner that uses an all-wood gusset system with no metal bracketry. This means that with a Legacy table, the corner, which carries a lot of the weight and tension of the table, is made of wood components touching wood components. This creates a tighter connection than tables that use metal on wood, which will eventually loosen up and result in an unsteady table that can never be completely level.
  • Legacy does use metal screws and bolts, however; this means that the table can be disassembled and reassembled with relative ease, unlike lower-quality tables that use wooden screws. Wooden screws lose their integrity every time they are moved and are also weaker and more likely to wiggle loose than metal screws.

To find out more about what you get when you purchase a quality table, visit one of our locations in Atlanta or Alpharetta to speak with a member of our knowledgeable staff. You can also read our Billiard Tables FAQ to read more about what you should look for in a quality table.